Friday, May 25, 2007

it's gettingg hot out there~

The weather here has been crazy. Last friday/saturday it was freaking cold, then yesterday it was 30∘C!!! The humidity index was 34∘C! Something's wrong with this world... Global warming is a big problem. If we are experiencing such drastic changes in temperature at this time, imagine what it will be like 100 years from now. Probably 100 times crazier. Went shopping yesterday, picked up some shirts from bluenotes. They have this theme going on right now, about supporting the environment and keep it green. So i got both ming and i one shirt. Don't know if any of these shirts' profit is going anywhere tho, oh well, at least the shirts look nice.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Wedding matter

So the wedding guest list has been growing at an unexpected rate. Originally we thought it was going to be a small wedding, like 50-60 people, now the confirmed number is 70 with 20 possible/maybe coming. Holy... my friends, it will be a really "close" dinner for you. Everyone will know each other very well at the end of it. ~.^ All thanks to ming's "surprise, i have more friends that you know of!" There will be no space for dancing, which is fine (I think). So people, just eat and drink up, coz there will be nothing else to do! Wahaha...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Nash is the best.

So both of my favorite NBA teams are eliminated from the playoff.
I need to look for a new team to root for now.
Ming will probably say to me "you're so not loyal to your team!"
But i think no matter what happens to my favorite teams, the playoff has to go on and i might as well pick a side, or there is no fun watching the games.
BTW, the bruise on Nash's leg is really something. The scar on his nose is still there. He got beat up so bad in this series and got no justice served. Ahy~

Monday, May 14, 2007

My life is pathetic. It is 11:50pm and I am surving on the internet aimlessly and refuse to go to bed. There isn't even any websites that I want to visit or anyone that I can chat with. I just sit infront of the computer, feeling my aching left shoulder due to prolonged sitting at the desk and typing. How pathetic~

Sunday, May 13, 2007



More like a dessert.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


今天開始scan小時候的照片, 勾起了很多回億。 看著爸爸當時對我有多疼愛,還看到媽媽對著我笑的表情彷彿和現在mel & chloe 的interaction一模一樣。 小時候我是每天由爸爸送上學,從幼稚園到國中,因為每天都睡得很晚.還記得爸爸有用過車子,摩托車,腳踏車載我。不只有我,還有我兩個姊姊。 很多年爸爸是先載我姊去回來再載我去上課因為我們上課時間不同,也想讓我多睡一會。 載完了女兒去上課,爸爸就回去開診所。 現在想起來覺得爸爸真是個dedicated person。 當然還有辛苦的媽媽也要早起幫我們整理和做我不吃的早餐。 記得有一次我和爸爸說我想明天早上買美而美的一個叫"培根三明治"因為今天看到同學在吃.爸爸說好,為了讓我這個營養不良的小孩,雖然小時候家裡經濟還不是很好,通常都是家裡自備早餐。隔天爸爸騎著腳踏車帶我到路線會經過的美而美,點了那很貴的培根三明治(好像是$35,當時算很貴了,早餐而已)。 不知道為什麼那天等了很久,都快遲到了。 爸爸覺得很奇怪為什麼那麼久也一直著急。 等到終於好了我快快跳上車爸爸快馬加鞭的騎去學校。 我那天其實對爸爸很不好意思。 雖然那培根三明治還真的蠻好吃的,不過因為速度太慢和太貴,那也變成我唯一的一次在外面買早餐。 為了記念那經驗,我今天就做了培根三明治。 還是像那第一次的好吃。 謝謝爸爸戴我去買培根三明治,我永遠會記得那經驗的。