Friday, March 31, 2006

I was watching Jay Leno last night, they had this guy going to an elementary school hosting a comedian stand up show at the school. These comedians wre between grade 2 to 6 and they were hilarious. This kid asked "why is there no air conditioner at baseball fields?" answer "coz there's a fan in every seat!" Hahaha... isn't he good? Then the host interviewed this kid, grade 4 or something, asked him if he's always wanted to be a comedian? The kid said "no, i wanted to be a postman, coz i like buying stuff on ebay, and i hate waiting for it to come to my house. if i were a postman, i would just have to get it from the back of my truck." Wahahha... this kid was serious too. Too funny... kids. Like yesterday, one of my patients was a 6 year old. He's been really sick, and his mom has been reallly stressed from being away from work and spending a lot of time in the hospital with this patient, while doing her work there. The kid was constantly asking for another movie from me and was very hard to please coz his taste was very particular. Last night the mom finally had it and yelled at the kid "P.M., if you say another word about movies, i'm going to...." i forgot exactly what she said at the end coz i was just too shocked that she would do that in front of me. Maybe she felt comfortable with me. Then u know what the kid do? He gave me this look (away from his mom) like he was saying "wow, what's her problem?" It was so funny that i was laughing inside.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Today is such a beautiful day out. 14 degrees outside with sunshine. But I am just sitting at home watching tv, what a waste....
Do you know what a.m. and p.m. are short forms of?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hey, what's up with you guys that no one is updating their posts these days?! Did you know that checking ur blogs have become one of my daily routines? So don't make me miss my routine.

So here is a thought for the day: How do you know if you truly love a person?
If you happen to read yeterday's Toronto Star, you might have come across a news regarding organ donation. There is a huge picture of this boy who i've known since he was 9 or 10 on the front page. He is now 13 and he is waiting for lung transplant. So he was at this conference where ppl are lobbying for the public to consent to organ donations. His mom has always been there for him. So i thought: if i were his mom, would i give him my lungs so he can live a longer/better life? Never mind if it is worth it or not (coz the prognosis is always unpredictable), just thinking about whether i would give up my life for my son is a tough question. This is probably because i am not a parent. But then i turned the question around and asked myself: if ming needed my lungs, would i have given it to him? And right away, i thought "yes, of course, no matter what reason, i would." (By this time, ming probably should be very touched bah.) So if you ever want to figure out if you truly love someone, just think "would i give this person my lungs?" That way ur question would be answered. :)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Been back to T.O. for a few days now. I haven't done anything productive. All I've been doing is watching ming buzzing around like a busy bee. He hasn't slept after the day we got back. As for me, i'm just chilling. The house is still a mess (I refuse to clean up the luggages that are sitting in the foyer coz this way it gives me a sense that i am 'sort of' still on vacation), it usually takes me 2-4 weeks until i really want to clean it up. At least i went to costco to get toilet paper, that was a must.

Been debating whether to go to Switzerland with ming's family this May or not. The truth is, because of this trip to Seattle, i've already spent too much that i cannot afford another trip so far. I need to work more (but i really don't want to either) in order to earn the plane ticket money. I guess we sort of over-spent on our engagement rings, oops. But that's once in a lifetime thing, can't be stingy about that! Right, right, ming~

I'm still thinking of chloe these days. I did a facial mask last night, and thought of the last time when i did it in seattle, chloe saw me with the mask on and kept on calling me "ah-yi, ah-yi" to make sure that it was really me. She was so curious that she stood there to watch me put it on, and wanted to touch the mask and said "摸摸." Then of course she wanted to put her finger that just touched my mask into her mouth... She even did a "怕怕" gesture that it was so cute.

Today i opened the album of LeeHom that my parents brought for me. I saw his photos and i thought, hum... maybe i like him more than Jay? Hahaha.... He's just too cute. Looking at his photos brought back memories of my teenage years. haha... 花痴...

Monday, March 20, 2006

After 9 days of vacation (well, more like 8 days coz the last day we spent on the plane and in bed), we are back in Toronto. Compare to the west coast, Toronto seemed a lot more gloomy and dead. Even though there might be a lot more traffic and people in this city, it just seems unfriendly and cold. The air is glazed, and the smell is weird; probably coz it's so polluted here, or coz we are tired. This always happen to me, whenever i come back from the west, i would fall into this 'post-vacation blue.' It was just too nice out there. Spending time with the family, playing with Chloe, eating good food, and shopping in the states was just relaxing and felt like home.

Chloe is such a big girl now. She's only 27 months old, but she is so smart. She knows how to sing the song ABC, she can count to 13, sings a lot of children's songs, and talks a lot in complete sentenses. Too bad that she wasn't completely friendly with me, but she was very friendly with ming. ;) Ming and I can't stop talking about Chloe on our way back, we miss her very much.

So now back to the reality. The house is a mess, we need toilet paper so badly (there is only 2 rolls left in the whole house, one for each washroom), and a lot more business to take care of. 想到就頭痛. >.<
All I want to do is just stay home and do nothing...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What kind of driver is the slowest driver out there?! Toyota drivers! It is a tie between Toyota Corolla and Camery. Man, these drivers drive me nuts! For example, in a 70km/hr zone, on a downhill area, we are already driving "slow" at 70km/hr, and this freaking green Corolla would break! Why the hell are you breaking?! That car messed up my plan to get home from work in 30 minutes. So freaking annoying...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

This morning on my way out of the door to work, outside was actually bright! you sould have seen my face, coz it was lit up with a smile. i could not believe it! spring is coming, march is a good month... when can i stop working? :(

Sunday, March 05, 2006

最近迷上了 "流星花園." 你一定笑我很老土吧. But anyways, ming 有跟我看了幾集, 我想他在旁邊 "se se 念" 批評的話可能比裡面的 "花澤類" 的話還多吧. So 一日冷笑話 by ming: "道明寺的表哥應該是叫屈臣市吧."
March 3 is my favorite day of the year coz i am a self-centred, spoiled little gal. This year, was no different. I had a great time this year (aside from ming's sleepy eyes/mood), and i was fortunate that this year my birthday falls on a Friday (next year will be saturday? that's not bad either). First we went to Spring Roll for dinner; their food needs some serious quality management coz it wasn't as good as before, in fact it was bad. Nonetheless, we had a good time talking and drinking. Then we headed over to the club called "Alley Cats." At first we thought it was going to be a Jazz Club, but turned out it was a dance club with live music. I loved it. We danced the night away with some alcohol influences. But I didn't have that much to drink. For the whole night I only had 3 drinks, which were filled with juice more than anything else. The band was awesome and the lead singer was singing and dancing like it was a real concert! I am lucky to have friends who would come out to have fun with me and even embarass themselves on the dance floor with me, hahaha.... j/k my friends.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

I just received my Motorola Razr cell phone yesterday. I'm loving it! Originally I wasn't sure if I liked the "fusia" pink of this phone, but after playing around with this phone, its colour is just a nonfactor. The phone, quote Jay's saying, "實在是太屌了!!!" Hahaha...
雙魚座 [ 02 / 20~ 03 / 20 ] 今日2006年3月3日
星  情:★★★★
工  作:★★★★
財  運:★★★
愛  情:★★★★
運  勢:今天雙魚座心情可說high翻了。工作上有業績進帳,讓你好做交代,只是你一高興就不免藉機犒賞自己,往往又把錢付諸流水,克制點吧!至於對待情人,你從來不吝嗇,特別像碰到今天心花怒放時。

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I have a problem with saying "no" to people. I don't know how to say no when friends ask me out for lunch/dinner coz I always want to go out with them even when I have no time or money to do so. I don't know how to say no when friends ask for my help coz I always want to help people. The worst is that I don't know how to say no at work. Whenever coworkers ask me to help them out with something, I seldom turn them down no matter how busy I am or how behind I am with my own tasks. And the crap always comes when I don't know how to say no if they ask me to go into work for a shift. Not that I don't say no, it's just the way I say no stinks. Some people can say it very direct, sounding "no means no" while my no is like "no~... sorry... i can't... sorry..." The truth is I do feel sorry when I cannot help out the unit. But some people can really take advantage of my "softness" and become pushy. I hate it when people are like that. Just because someone is nice doesn't mean you can walk all over them. These people give you respect, you just don't pay them back with rudeness. How some people operate in this world is just beyond my understandings....