Saturday, December 26, 2009

end of the year

It's boxing day but Ming & I are staying home today.  Well, he went out this morning and came home with a GPS.  I stayed home mostly because I am sick, plus I don't feel like going to the malls to deal with the crowd.  After all, there is really nothing that i want to buy... unless LV or Gucci go on sale, then I may consider it. 

This cold that I have is really something, keeping me home and not spending money?! What a powerful bug.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

maybe this is the way for ming to lose some weight

So ming and i had a bet: he said he would finish painting the "baby room" within 5 days after he goes on x'mas vacation or he will never have a sip of beer ever again.  After deducting days that we needed to do errands, such as decor meeting, lunch/dinner with friends, we've come up with the date December 26th.  Good luck ming~

Saturday, December 19, 2009

pregnancy thoughts

My prego belly looks very different from all the prego women that i've seen.  I feel like i am carrying a 輪胎 around my waist, but i think that's coz K (short for Caleb) is lying side ways.  i think he's gonna be tall, coz my "tire" is really wide.

When i found out that i was pregnant, i told myself that i was only going to gain 22lbs.  Well, i'm there already, damn it.  Don't even know how that happened.

We bought our car seat today (it was on sale); also bought some silicone baby bottles that are made in Taiwan, cool eh?!  Well, they were on sale and they were pretty. :P

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Thank you, to the guy lining up behind me

I did something sort of embarrassing tonight....
I remember two years ago, on our Jack+Ming wedding bus tour to Kingston, we stopped at Wendy's for lunch.  Nica had ordered potatoes with chives and sour cream while everyone got fries.  That was the first time that i knew that Wendy's had such thing.  Last night, I had to get my own dinner and i didn't want to drive far or wait a long time for it, and instead of going to MacDonald, which we always go, i decided to go to Wendy's.  It's not that far from our home anyways.  So I thought about the potatoes, and I ordered it.  I absolutely loved it... I peeled off every single part of that potatoes to get the last bit of it.
Tonight, i needed to get dinner again for myself, so i decided to go back again.  I ordered the exact same thing, delux cheeseburger and the potatoes with chives and sour cream.  But then after the cashier took my money, gave me my burger, she told me "we don't have potatoes anymore."  I almost wanted to kill her.... I told her, "I came here for the potatoes!!!" She smiled and said nothing.  I said "if you had told me that you didn't have it, i would have just left!"  Then the manager came, i told her what happened, so she gave me a rain cheque for the potatoes.  I told her "i'm sorry, but i'm pregnant" and she said she understands.
The father ordering behind me told me "it was February, my wife was pregnant and she wanted watermelon.  We drove around town looking for watermelon, found it and bought it even though it was $15.  So i understand where you're coming from, and i sympathize you."
THANK YOU SIR!!! Thank you for not making me feel bad for holding up the line and asking for a potato.  Thank you.  You're a good man for driving around town paying $15 for watermelon for your pregnant wife.  There is still good people in this world.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Can this baby

in my tummy smell anything right now?
I had bought something to eat for dinner this afternoon, I thought I wasn't hungry, until I started driving away and smelled the food~~
Then the baby started kicking.  He usually kicks right before I start to feel hungry, letting me know that it's time to feed him.
That's why I wonder if he can smell at this point.

Is it still safe to fly at this point? Perhaps not.... 

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What a mature and sensitive kid

We suddenly missed chloe very much these days.  I remember when ming and i were there this past summer: one afternoon ming was so tired (I guess he played basketball that early morning) so he wanted to nap.  He was playing with chloe but then he felt so tired that he just went to sleep.  Chloe went and grab a little chair/stool to use so she could reach a cd player on top of her tall dresser.  I asked her "What are you doing?" She replied "I am putting on lullaby for uncle ming."
She cracked me up.  So ming slept peacefully in lullaby music that afternoon.  :D

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Another depressing entry

I guess things have been crazy at the hospital.  Being in the clinic, although busy, i sometimes don't really know what is going on in the "outside world."  Lots of "pandemic plans" have been talked about.  One of them is the possibility of deploying staff to assist in the chaos in ER and on the wards.  Being 24 weeks pregnant, and working in a hospital is a difficult situations.  I was never afraid of helping out, i always wanted to be in the action or feel like i am contributing to the team.  But now... i still feel that way, only i have to step back and think for my unborn child.  It is such a hard situation to be in, having two kinds of feelings... It is something that only a woman will experience i guess: you cannot have it all, it's either your family or your career.  You gotta choose one.  Where I am standing right now, i gotta choose my family... And that makes me feel guilty and useless.  I don't want to be viewed as the prego women who had the easy way during this whole crisis.  I need to tough it out, so miki, just hang in there with me.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sad thoughts

Went to high tea with co-workers today at King Edwards Hotel.  Close to the end of our meal, an older gentleman came in to have high tea on his own.  The waitress said hi to him and addressed him by his name; looked like a regular there.  But then i was thinking, why is he all by himself?  When i see this kinda thing, it always makes me think about perhaps he is there to revisit some old memories, maybe him and his wife were regular customers there and now that his wife is no longer there, he likes to go there to remember his wife.  That makes me so sad...

The other day ming and i were at MacDonald having dinner, then this older gentleman came in, ordered one McChicken Junior and a small fries.  I said to ming, maybe his wife passed away and he doesn't know how to cook so he has to come in to eat MacDonald.  Plus, because they did not save up when they were younger, so he has to order the cheapest items on the menu.  That also makes me sad...

I am afraid of aging.  Thinking about getting old is sad.  Thinking about old people makes me sad.  That's why I wanted to work with kids and not seniors.  

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Give me my vaccine

This whole H1N1 vaccine biz is driving everyone insane in this country!
Ever since its roll out, the news has been non-stop.  Who's getting it first, people shouldn't get it first is getting it, people lining up for over 8 hours in the cold to get it, blah blah blah...
I myself was concerned about it, simply because I am in the higher risk population group, but I thought the public shouldn't get so overly antsy about getting the vaccine.  Until this morning I heard about this 13 y.o. healthy hockey player boy who died from it...  That is such tragedy.  
As a health care worker, i don't know what to think, should i feel lucky that i get to have the vaccine first? or should i be worried about getting the flu while working?
As a pregnant health care worker, i am super worried.  BUT i still cannot get the vaccine! coz the one for women under 20 weeks of pregnancy is not yet available.  Like i said, the general public should not panic and just wait for their turn to get the vaccine, and therefore i shouldn't be too anxious either.  BUT after what happened at work last week, i am more eager than anyone to get the vaccine.  We had a girl who came to our clinic, had high fever, developed a seizure, we had to call a code, and i was involved with the code.  The girl had high fever and coughs, and so did her sister the next day.  Even though i wasn't too close to her at all times, but i was pretty close to her... i was crossing my fingers over the weekend that i don't develop any flu like symptoms, which i didn't thank god.  But i cannot let this kinda thing happen to me again.  i need to be more self conscious now, considering i am now responsible for another human being.  So will Health Canada/Sickkids act quicker and get my vaccine here ASAP please?!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


上禮拜去大統華看到有賣芭樂, 上面寫:“臺灣芭樂”,看了好高興,就給他買了。 回到家,吃了後覺得不是很好吃, 把子切掉後,整個沒剩什麼肉。 昨天吃了第二個,才發現這個上面貼了個 "Product of USA" 而且還是 “Thailand Guava”。。。 氣死我了。。。 大統華好爛,故意把那貼紙隱藏起來, 騙消費者。 Gay Westin should look into what kinda company he just took over.
Heartburn kills...
Baby kicking so much!!!
Body so tired...
Not sleeping at night~~~
Miki you better be a good boy when you come out.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I want to eat here!!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Miki's real name

still have not reached a conclusion as to what we are going to name our baby.
so let me know what you think:
1. Noah
2. Matthew
3. Ryan
4. Others

Sunday, October 04, 2009

"Boy boy boy" yelled by Chloe and pointed at my belly

Seeing the little thing moving around on the screen of the US machine still feels kinda surreal.  I saw his heart, his brain, his hands and feet, and his whole spine! I asked if we could find out the sex that day, the tech was very willing and went to get ming to come into the room.  First she showed us all his parts and how his heart was pumping, saw the little valves too! Then she asked "you want to know the sex, right?!" I said, "yes," but then ming asked "are you sure?" I yelled " of course!" Then she showed us his little (but obvious) "boyhood,"  in three different angles! So I think there is very little chance that it will turn out the other way.  Do babies pee when they are in their mommy's tummy? No, right?!  

It is so weird having a boy inside of me, I am a female, what do I know about taking care of a boy? I've always told myself and ming that I am only gonna have one kid, coz I don't want to go through pregnancy again, coz it's just plain hell.  But now that this one is a boy, I think I will want a girl... I have to have a girl.

After knowing that it's a boy, I feel like he's much stronger (compare to if I was having a girl), I can eat whatever I want, or take less vitamins, basically be more reckless... :P  But ming (very) strongly advised me not to eat "sashimi." 

Then I went baby cloth shopping.  Like I said, I am the planning type, I like to be prepared.  I think being in nursing has made me the way I am now.  If I didn't plan what I needed to do ahead of time, I would never get out of work on-time (or at least somewhat on-time).  When I was doing my master's degree, I would have my paper finished at least 4-5 days ahead of the due date, so ming could proof read it.  That's me, I like to plan ahead.  Plus, ming and I are going to be extremely poor starting NOW, coz we just got possession of our condo, and we need to pay a great amount of down payment for our new home that's gonna be ready next June.  If I don't spend/buy stuff now, we will never be able to buy later, coz there will be no money left in my bank account.... 

One thing I discovered that is baby boy clothes are not as cute as baby girl clothes!!!  Ahy.... It's either blue or green or brown... not much variety.  I miss buying clothes for my nieces, so fun, so much selections!  Ming got this little onesie that has a bunch of skulls print on it (he said it's One Piece) and it wasn't even on sale.  God help me...

I just want this baby to be born healthy and strong, now that I feel his kicks and movements, I am much relieved.  But if he doesn't kick, I feel anxious, wondering what he's doing, or if there's something wrong.  I rather have this baby out sooner than later, coz I can't bear the mysterious feeling.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

From first knowing that I was prego to now knowing the sex of the baby, it is such as an interesting experience.   First I cried when I found out I was pregnant, and now when I found out about the sex, I cried too.  I guess it's the hormone doing the trick.  

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The feeling of guilt. It's not all about me anymore

I felt sick yesterday.  I vomited while i was on the train yesterday morning; good thing i had a plastic bag with me at that time and the lady sitting beside me was sleeping.  So my stomach was not feeling well for the whole day, therefore i didn't eat much. But when i felt the baby moving in my tummy, i thought it was her protest of "feed me!" But I just didn't want to eat: i felt like i was starving the baby.... Before being pregnant, if i didn't want to eat due to not feeling well or simply being lazy, then i just didn't eat! Now things are different.  I am responsible for two now... I don't think i am grown up enough to handle this... Now i have to put another person in front of myself... time to be not selfish anymore.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

can't wait till next tuesday to find out!!!
the jackpot is currently sitting at $45 now.  
minimum $5/play.

Monday, September 21, 2009

well, so i'm starting a pool~ boy or girl?

I say girl!!!
so if you put your bet down on girl, you will split the prize with me! the $30 prize

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

so far no one bet on girls.... how come? so weird...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

bingeing on watermelon these days, i'm so scared that when winter comes, there won't be any more watermelons.  it's been my life saver for the past 2 months!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

house hunting is a pain. getting rejected is even more a pain...

Friday, September 11, 2009

came across this photo again today... almost everyone in this photo already has a baby of their own... it's so good to revisit the old times. :)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

never have i wanted to have subway so badly in my life, but now i cannot have it!!!
what a torture.
so i ordered a veggies sub... still good, but not the best.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Emma 抓周 (是這個周吧)

She is going to be a famous tennis player!
She loves balloons and stuffed animals, a typical girly girl! 

Emma has so many people who love her!!! What a lucky girl.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

到現在還不知道ultrasound檢查結果。。。 真是讓人擔心。。。
今天早上又吐了, 不過我已經很幸運了, 目前為止只吐3次。 不過天天24小時都覺得想吐真的是個要人命的感覺。。。 ahy, 蛋黃酥, you better be worth it...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ming: Jack, 妳是熟女eh。。。
Jack: 那你是爛男。。。

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

meet 小蛋黃酥

Whoever that will read this blog should already know this....
because 蛋黃酥's dad broke my scanner, so this is actually a picture of a picture. 
A boy or girl?  Just hope she/he is healthy.  - Anxiously waiting for report of this ultrasound.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

mad as hell

Will people remember any of these when the next election comes up? Why do we have such a useless, coward, non-empathetic, and arrogant president? Of course, none of these was his fault.... it's everyone else's fault.... he was just having 喜酒。
馬說負全責 卻是要懲處官員


馬英九拒絕下台 將責任歸咎於天候

莫拉克風災過去一個星期,面對災區救災、安置、復舊問題一籮筐,政府救災不力引發的民怨如潰堤般宣洩而來,馬總統連日下鄉勘災,卻還一再要講「道理」,除了昨天在災區臨時接受CNN 專訪,馬週二還要舉行國內媒體記者會,會後並再加開一場國際媒體記者會,就是要一次說清楚。









Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy 2 year Anniversary to my dear hubbie.
Your care for me in the past two months was the greatest gift.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I really love to travel... travel around the world.
Tonight I wanted to see our trip to Amsterdam again, and when I saw this photo:
i thought "hey, what's that on ming's hand? it's that delicious Dutch bread that tasted just like Taiwanese 雞蛋糕!!!" 
Ahy.... I miss Europe so much~

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Loving this hot summer heat, bring it on!!!
Wish summer never leaves...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Last night I was trying to do some sit-ups, something that I haven't done in years.
Ming: "沒用啦"
What's that supposed to mean?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Monday, June 01, 2009

I've had enough of this

Starting tomorrow, I officially quit cooking.
If I have to work, cook, AND do dishes, I quit!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

肚子痛了兩個禮拜, 今天終於決定來煮個稀飯來吃, 也買了麵筋和醬瓜, 可是偏偏要吃的時候卻打不開罐頭。。。 god damn it....

Since ming and I are starting to have a more steady income (我終於長大了), we have decided to try to put our money into good use, instead of buying useless junk to fill up this big house.  With ming's parents help, we are in the process of looking for a property investment.  We thought that the housing market is in a slump right now, condos should be a good place to invest since we do not have lots of money to spare. Boy were we wrong.... The condos are still on a rise, and we already tried to put in two offers that both got shut down.  Now we have to keep looking... I hate house hunting, it's time consuming and tiring....  wish us luck.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Bitch and good man

I am telling two stories here.
First: Today after my train ride, I got into ming's 4Runner at the parking lot, this fat bitch who parked beside me got into her car after me.  Then I heard a bump... first I was like, what was that, I know it came from the passenger side's door, so I know it was her who bumped her door into my door.  I looked at her, she had no remorse whatsoever, so i mouthed to her "you hit my car!" And guess what she did, she gave me the look and mouthed something like "So what? what's the big deal!" and drove away!!! What a BITCH! It wasn't like I was gonna sue her or anything, at least apologize and say oh, it didn't leave a mark (I went down to take a look, there was a scratch but I think it is removable).  She was so fat that she couldn't get into the car and needed a bigger space to get into her car.  Therefore she should have 1. not drive, walk home or 2. wait till I left and get into her car or 3. be more careful!!! Why are there such insensitive, impolite people in this world?! I memorized her orange ?mazda license plate number just in case BEHM556- don't let me see you at the station another day, I will definitely kick your fat ass.

Second, the good man story: Our garbage pick up professionals are very good people.  They have on several occasions helped us a lot.  They answer our (more like chatty ming's) questions, and they would always (well, most of them are good) stack our recycling bins and green bin together afterwards.  This morning it was a nasty scene at the front lawn as I was leaving the house for work.  The raccoons had gotten the green bin; they pushed it down and managed to unlock the green bin.  They digged into the food waste and made a nasty gross crime scene.  When I got home, (while still being so mad about that fat BITCH) I was thinking: now I have to go home to clean up the mess, but surprisingly the spot where the mess was had been cleaned up! That means the garbage man picked up the broken bag with all the food leaking out!  I am so grateful.  Perhaps I should write the waste management people a nice letter telling them what a good job they've done.

Monday, May 04, 2009

I am browsing through the A&F website and I notice something really bizarre. 
What's the use of a coat that has a hoodie, but sleeveless?  
Fashion, fashion... something I will never get.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So I am sick... 
What's been happening in my life? Nothing worth blogging about.
Went to a lunch date with the girls.
Played a little bit with Emma at her house.
Been spending a lot of money on clothes.
Oh yeah, I am now a permanent part time paediatric dermatology nurse.
I am liking the part time part, but not the permanent part, coz that's almost like a pay cut for me.
Anyways, still missing home and family....

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Seattle Trip March 2009

Go view my new photos in my msn space.  
It took me a long time to upload these photos onto the space, because msn space is so NOT user friendly.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

SF trip

Just came back from SanFran.   A nice city to revisit, I mostly spent my days in downtown area. The city was crowed though, with 3 conferences going on at the same time, the dermatology nurses association convention, the american academy of dermatology conference, and the pharmaceutical companies convention.    A taxi driver informed us that his business is only going well during this week, otherwise he doesn't think his company is going to survive by the end of this year.  He said the economy is really affecting the city, coz it is a city based on tourism.  Ahy.... I could feel the pressure of the recession as well.  Things are in general more expensive, compare to before, compare to Canada.

I ate this cream puff at a westfield mall by myself.  I finished in less than 5 min.  It was good!

Of course a US trip would not be complete without a drink from Jamba Juice.  Didn't see any pinkberry though.

Heard the inspirational speech by Greg Mortenson.  He is a nurse, now a famous writer.  The author of Three Cups of Tea.  I may read it in the future. :)

I've uploaded some more photos in my MSN page. Don't feel like using facebook anymore.

Friday, February 20, 2009

發燒到熱水壺裡沒水還把它插插頭,燒到水壺裡面都分解了。。。 became ashes!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

still loving my furry boots.
still loving 小天.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I am in love again~~~

even ming loves him too~~~

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Jan Update

This was ming and I's good find this weekend.  Good thing happen to those who wait... :D
Emma 4month old "shu nua" photo.  Look at all those donuts. Yum...It was Caro and Mark's Birthday. Happy birthday guys.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday, January 05, 2009

A quick update

You mean you don't enjoy seeing jay every time you come onto my blog, my fellow YaYa fairy tale readers?  Coz I do.... Hahaha... So how do i sum up what's happened in the past few weeks?  Basically I was working, but did manage to have a few days off in between the holidays.  We had a x'mas dinner over at our place.  Ming baked a turkey (with my assistance) and it turned out perfect.  It tasted very good too.  Everyone brought a dish, and everyone's dish was so good as well that we finished all the food!!!

We did gift exchange at the end with stealing involved.  It was a fun night.  
Then we went to Ottawa.  The night we got to Ottawa, there was freezing rain.  Holy, it was so difficult to walk around town, rainy and icy, wet and cold... not so fun.  But the dinner was good, we went to this local fish market restaurant, the lobster was 1/2 price.  I don't think i've ever had such big lobster all to myself.  Well, of course i shared it with  ming.

I worked 3 days in a row on the ward during the new years.  I had the weekend off before I went back to work today.
In between all these, i did a lot of shopping that put a big dent on my bank account.  Ouch~ I cannot look at the damage of my credit card... I need my pay cheque right now.