Wednesday, June 18, 2008

i want my mommy/daddy

so mommy and daddy just left for vancouver. they are going back to taiwan in 4 days.
i was so sad and teary when i dropped them off at the airport. so sad.... even though we get into fights when we are togther, but i still want to be around them.
it is nice to get pampered once in a while by your mommy. while my parents are here, we went to do some grocery shopping a few times. they kept on buying this and that, even though they were only staying here for a few days. my mom was getting all the meat and veges coz she wanted to cook for us. my dad was buying so much fruits, coz he wanted us to eat them. then they paid for everything. they would not let us pay for the groceries. i feel so bad, but i cannot argue with them. they are always so good to their children. i feel like i didn't really take them to a lot of places when they were here, and my mom was always cooking for us when she's at home. i miss them terribly already. can't wait to go back to taiwan....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

it was thundering at 1400 today...

My heart is aching right now...
I just found out that a patient from my work has passed away.  I have known this patient ever since I started working at this hospital.  She was such a special girl who made a difference in may people's lives.
Now that she has grown wings and returned to God's arms.  I will always remember her.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

六月了。。。 日子過的真快。夏天很害羞要來不來的。有兩天熱的跟舌麼一樣,結果再來的一個月都還是很冷。
work is still busy every time I go. i seldom get a break, not eating anything for the whole shift, or if I do, i eat at like 6pm. :S
i've been doing some searches for the trip that we plan to go in July. everything is still up in the air. coz we are really not in any financial situation to go on a trip, but if we don't go, we will never go. plus, if we go later, then it doesn't count as honeymoon anyways.
i don't know why but i've been thinking about going to the Netherlands. ming wants to go to England, so we can probably go afterwards.
but i have to say, life is better now that my school is done. there is still some stress, but different kinds of stress. let's see if my acne improves now~ haha...