Friday, March 30, 2007

i just found out this thing, wikipedia on David Tao!
There's also one for Jay and Lee Hom!

D.T. was in the house!

今天去看了David Tao的演唱會. 還不賴!!! 他真得很會唱. 粉絲們也很坄入.

回家路上開車經過一個房子看到有一群不太像警察, 但全身武裝, 防彈衣, 帽子, 槍, 按住一個人, 然後闖入那房子. 朋友就快速通過. What a night!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

All the way from Turkey.
Thanks guys, i love it.

something i thought about when i couldn't sleep the other night....

i flipped and turned for >4 hrs in bed,
and this is what came to mind...
睡的著是一種幸福; #.#
寫的出作業是一種幸福 >.<
有人care to read my blog是一種幸福;

你還能想到有什麼更多的examples ne?


To my dear friend:
今天我把妳blogger所有的 posts重讀了一次,從去年二月到現在...想知道我到底什麼時後失去了妳。
我想念從前的妳。 什麼時後妳才會 “回到過去“ 的妳? 也許 mentioned 周杰倫得這首歌 in one of your blogs. this is why i love you, coz you love Jay too. :)
不管我在這寫什麼糊言亂語,妳也不會知道,因為妳也不念我的blog no more.
哎, am i responsible for any of this?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


yo yo check it out yo~ this is DJ MixMaster Ming checkin' in for YaYa da sisterhood~ No one in the house yo, but the spirit of Ya still strong. Be strong, brothers and sisters, you fav. hostess will be back and bloggin' in style in no time~


Monday, March 19, 2007

Recently I've realized that blogging is a luxury. And i do not have the luxury for that these days...

Thursday, March 08, 2007

For ming

Since ming is so lazy at updating his blog, I will write one for him here.
He got his teacher qualification evaluation back yesterday. After I think 3 months of waiting, it finally arrived. They gave him the highest level of qualification a teacher can get. I guess those BFA and MFA paid off eh?!
Congratulations, ming!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007


So this is what's happening in Ontario.
That means no gas available.
People have a real sense of what it feels like living without gasoline. Is that how it's gonna be in a hundred years when there's no more gas left?
So I've been staying home, minimizing gas usage. I mean, people can still get gas, just at a high price of >$1/L. The other night when ming and i went to get gas (at one of the few gas stations left that still has gas) they only had regular gas left. Even though ming's gas drinking 4Runner can only take supreme gasoline, he had no choice but to fill up regular.
So i am staying home, bored out of my mind (don't want to study), but i guess this is a good time for the enviornment coz less gas, less polution.

baby talk

There was this news last night: women may increase their chance of getting pregnant if they consume lots of high fat dairy, ie. ice cream. Notice the word MAY. Even though the study was done in a scientific way, there was still many shortcomings of the research, so nothing is really proven yet. So the news went on and talked about how women may start eating ice cream now because of this finding. They even interviewed a fertility clinic. This triggered my thinking. Do people nowadays want to have kids because they still feel like they need to pass on their genes/傳宗接代, or because they simply want kids. Will men still choose a woman if she is infertile? Looking at some stories that older men choose women who are much younger (like the playboy guy who just married a 27yr old woman), isn't part of that because younger women represent youth and fertility?
I do not believe in it, because people already have a hard time finding their mate, so don't think they would give up a relationship just because the woman cannot bare his child. Saying that, there are also cases where there is pressure coming from the male side of the family wanting the women to have kids. And admit it, you and I have all heard of that story....