Monday, July 16, 2007

there's something about ming~

ming has this habit of doing things last minute.
from university papers, paintings (when he used to paint), art shows, friends' wedding slide shows, master thesis, marking papers, report cards, to now homework as a student again. no matter what deadline he has, he will use it to its fullest. but you know what, he always aces them. he always gets A's on those assignments, and he always turns in quality work. i admire him a lot that way, but not the last minute thing. another great thing about ming is that he never gets stressed out (ok, maybe that one time when he had to finish the report cards, proof read my paper, and stayed up all night), whereas i on the other hand, gets stressed out weeks before the assignment is due. also another thing about ming, when he has to start working, he will always start organizing his desk, his room, clean the kitchen, or do laundry before he starts sitting down. this has always been the case. he says by doing that it "gets him in the working mood." so his work time always gets delayed hours afterwards. for example, tonight he mowed the lawn, did some laundry, and went to the bathroom before he sat down. and it was 11pm by the time he settled down. no matter, he will still turn in some great work and get >90% on his assignment (just like his last one, which he did the a.m. morning of the due date).

Very touched~

Had my bridal shower this past Saturday. I can't believe that i actually have so many great friends who care about me and showed up at my party! It was literally EVERYONE that i know in Toronto made it to my party. What a great turn-out!!! The party was great, thanks to the organizers Helen and Jamie. Helen made sure the night went smoothly with lots of events and Jamie was a great host at preparing food and drinks to make everybody comfortable. Jamie also did a lot of organization, starting from the invitations(coz i asked for it) to making sure there is enough alcohol for all the guests and herself. LOL... The night was so much fun, i think all of us are so busy with our own lives now and the girls never get to hang out without their partners anymore; so i thought it was such memorable time. I felt like a movie star that night, although i don't normally like to be the centre of attention. I just want to say THANKS, GIRLS!!! I had a fabulous time, nothing beats the party we had. :) by the way, jamie is next~

Friday, July 13, 2007

yesterday was 30 days till our wedding. and ming knows that i've been under a lot of stress lately, so he bought me flowers. how sweet~ :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Last night we finally gave in and turned on the AC at home. Ming and i have been trying to avoid using it because we think it is such a waste to cool a 4-bedroom with a basement house just for two people. But last night i couldn't stand it anymore. I slept so well overnight, my face wasn't like a grease pan when i woke up this morning, which was nice. Today was cool though, hope this lasts...
grapes/raisins have a lot of Iron. blood also contains lots of iron (normally). i was eating a ~1 yr old Raisin Bran cereal, and i tasted "blood"~~ ooohhh....

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Today i had a realization.

The notion of men being superior than women still exsits around us. I am sure that this thinking is comman in many places of the world, but it sort of came to a surprise when i felt it so close to me.
On one occasion with lots of friends around, i probably asked ming to do something more serious instead of screwing around, a friend commented "oh, i guess i know who wears the pants in this house." On another occastion, we were playing games with friends, i was winning or ahead of ming, so i told him that he could "organize my chips for me" and that was apparantly wrong. "Wow, if she does that in front of all your friends, it must be worse at home!" HOLY!!! No matter if i was joking or not (because i was actually serious about asking him to help me), what is wrong with "a man organizing a woman's money?" Absolutely nothing!!! Why can men scold at women or nag about them in the public while the other way around makes women "revolutional or untraditional." Maybe my tone of voice is not the nicest sometimes, but i truly don't believe in trying to save the men's face in the public (i welcome objections). Long as we both respect each other and we can "stand each other" there is no need to be afraid and think that men should be treated as "the man" when there are other people around. I have to say that ming is a great guy and probably the best thing that could have ever happened to me in my life (besides my parents and sisters) but i wouldn't have stayed with him if he believes that i should treat him as "my lord" when we are in front of others. We live in a 21st century. Men do things for women just as women do things for men. I clean the house not because i am a woman, i clean because i can't stand the dirtiness (not that i have been cleaning a lot). And i do the laundry or do the dishes because i know he doesn't have time to do it and i love him so i help him out around the house. Ming brings home dinner not because he was asked to do it, he does it because he loves me and he wants me to have a good meal. There is no such thing as who wears the pants in the house or "outside the house" anymore. Women and men are equal, they are the same privately and publicly. And if the couple seem to be doing well. regardless of what people think, other people should not barge in to comment about it. 姊姊妹妹站起來!!!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

So we've finally sat down and talked about our wedding budget. I think we've always knew that this wedding is going to cost a fortune, but it finally hit us today(more to ming than me, coz i did the budget sheet months ago). It is interesting when the final budget came out to be 3 times the original budget, hahaha.... Was I being unrealistic back then or are we simply spending too much money. I have to tell though, that 1/3 of the budget is accomodations for the friends and family. I've learned not to stress over money. I know that i have had a fairly decent comfortable life that i never had to worry about money; but i still try to save whenever i can. But recently i have learned that money can save me a lot of troubles. Sometimes trying to save a small amount of money may end up costing me more, in monetary terms or other ways.
Anyways, a small wedding is turning into a big one (money wise). OMG~ I'm glad that i didn't try to spend less at Aritzia since it is so minimal compare to the budget.

Monday, July 02, 2007

I think this blogging biz has slowed down a lot these days. No one is really updating their blogger. However, i still check other people's sites once in a while, only to find the same old entry from weeks ago.

The summer is here, what have we done so far? Still got a s**t load of work to do for our wedding, but we are such slackers that i know things won't get done until last minute. My gown isn't here yet, ahhhh!!!! Scary!

Had a nice relaxing Canada weekend, didn't do any work at all. Ming pulled his back again. I did do a few things tho, met up with an old time friend, went to a baby shower, went picknicking with friends, and played board game last night. It was a nice weekend.