Wednesday, April 30, 2008

我有時候會想, 如果我今天在台灣工作, 我會不會比叫成功? 我是否還是會像現在一樣懶而且只是作個平凡的工作? 常常把英文當做我的藉口 "因為我英文永遠不會比別人好, 所以我永遠不會做的比別人高" ... 還是我的事業心真的沒有那麼強... 當我在這碰到困難時就好想回台灣, 總覺得如果在台灣就不會出生這種事了. 我一直很相信一個人在事業上成不成功和他的人際關係很有關聯. 我覺得我的人際關係一直都很好, 直到我到了加拿大後... 不信你問問我在這的"台灣"朋友, 就可以知道其實我不是個那麼木訥, 不懂得交際的人. 噯... 說這些又有什麼用呢?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

we've been, or should i say "i" have been thinking about moving.  why? 
well, why not?!
there is probably more "why" than "why not" in moving.
this is how i put it to ming "it's like our current tv.  there's nothing wrong with it, we just like to have one that's nicer.  newer, slimmer, more expensive though.  just like a new house."

Friday, April 25, 2008

這幾天有種很孤獨的感覺,不知道為什麼,很突然的。 感覺這世上只有我和ming。 God大概想叫我好好珍惜彼此吧。 是不是結了婚的人都會有這種想法? 覺的好像除了我們倆個以外沒有人可以靠了。 或許這是種好事,因為如果每個結婚的couple都這麼想就不會離婚了.... maybe not.
我是不是念完書後開始想些有的沒有的?not good...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

who wants to vacation with me?

today we received 2 red bombs... and i thought i have no friends.  :P

i have been looking for job postings lately.  it kinda freaks me out.  just thinking about going for interviews makes my palms sweat.  the truth is, i don't really want to get a new job.  i like my current job, i just don't like the nights and weekends.  and i actually enjoy staying home doing nothing.  don't know what ming would think though?  would a guy think of his wife as lazy if she just sits at home and do nothing?  not even cooking or housework?  i guess he would.... being married suddenly has some kinda "duty" or tasks that a wife needs to fulfill.  if i were single, nobody would care if i work once in a while and don't do any house chores.  ahy.... why the difference? is it just me? even if ming doesn't think this way, i would still feel like i need to do something, coz 人會講話嘛.

i've also been searching for vacation packages, coz i really want to go for a trip to the sunny locations.  when i told mel that i am going with friends, she said "poor ming."  yeah, i also think poor ming, coz he got to work and he always work very hard.  but what should i do? ming said "you can go, but i don't like it"  haha... well first i have to find people to go with!!!  

PS. i don't know why my blogger entry has become "single lined" which makes it really hard to read.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Now what?

So today was my official last day of class.  On my way to class, sitting on the GO train, i thought, this may be the last time i take the train!  Kinda sad because i have enjoyed my time taking GO trains and buses.  I don't miss the cold while waiting for them though.  Then after class, as usual i went to the union station to catch my bus back.  But i had to visit my favorite store one last time, coz i may not go there again, since it doesn't open on weekends.  It's a paper, stationary, gift store, and it is very elegant and classy.  Didn't buy anything though, coz god knows i've got too many stationaries and such.  On the bus back to markham, the driver was my favorite one.  I so wanted to give him a thank you card or something.  haha...  So now that school is almost over, i am starting to feel that "what to do next" again.  Kinda scary, and it makes me nervous....

Saturday, April 05, 2008

I'm going to call it.  This year it's going to be SA Spurs vs. BO Celtics in the finals.  After that, i don't know....