Friday, August 29, 2008

Baby News- it's a Virgo!

So our good friend Lance and Nica had their baby.  Aiden is his name.  
I am so proud of them, becoming young and loving parents.
Aiden is healthy, gorgeous, and just perfect.
Nica is strong and looks so calm.
Whereas Lance is kinda clueless (especially with the new perm), but very supportive towards his wife and very caring towards Aiden.
Congratulations to them both!!!!
I can't wait to meet Mr. Aiden Wei 

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

if you are interested in viewing jamie's baby shower photos, please go to

Monday, August 25, 2008

... continued from takko's comment....

I've been so busy with work and life this past few months, i've lost touch with blogging and facebook!  I used to be the loyal fan of people's blog and facebook that i would visit those sites more than twice a day!!!  Damn i miss those days- just sits in front of the computer and check out who's updated what.  Where have those days gone?!  And because i've lost contact with blogging and facebook, i don't even think about things that are worth blogging.  I used to think "oh, i can write an entry on this, another entry on that..." Well, not anymore!

If I have to think about what i want to write these days, it would be all the BS that i get from work.  For example, those snobbish, arrogant, disrespectful, useless doctors, or those useless, selfish, ass-kissing charge nurses.  This is what my mind has been filled with.  Of course there are also many many sad stories that i would rather just forget, or else i would not be able to work where i work now...  
And if i have to think about what fun i've had, it would be all the dinner, drinking, and poker parties that we've had.  I have discovered why alcohol can make one person high, and I now can drink one glass of wine without getting a headache.

So that's what's been happening with my life.  If ming were to blog about his past few months, it would probably be about the same as this, except he also did a lot of moving furnitures around in the house and that's all.  What a waste of summer, hahaha...
今天起來上班前有早餐吃(蛋餅歐),感覺真好。 一整天雖然只吃一餐早餐,但就很有精神。我說過當一個老公會早上起來煮早餐給老婆吃就代表他是愛她的  (or he has done something wrong, hahaha...)。

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

if you have time, go see the photos from our trip, Amsterdam-Brussels-London.

Friday, August 01, 2008

I heart europe~

Just got back from our trip to Amsterdam-Brussels-London.  What a great experience!  Amsterdam was such an interesting city, and I would go back again if I get the chance.  London was more like a revisit, since I was there about 6 years ago.  It is just awesome to see any cities in Europe.  They are so full of history and culture everywhere, something that N. America does not have.  The Dutch are such a relaxed population, they stroll when they walk, and they are always enjoying life.  London has some really handsome men.  I just love their subway system.  Almost wanted to buy a poster of their "underground tube" system.  The Europeans are very environmentally conscious, they do not have AC everywhere.  The days when we were there, it was so hot and what do N. Americans do when it gets hot?  Go hide in the malls or office buildings.  Well, that won't work in Europe, coz many stores do not have AC, or the ones that do, the AC is barely noticeable.  Globalization by the MacDonald's are the only restaurants that do have AC.  Of course, the americans cannot live in agony.  Ming would probably have an easier time in Taiwan than in Europe during hot days, coz at least there's AC everywhere in Taipei.  But Taipei is definitely still hotter than Europe.  What else can I say about European cities?  oh yeah, they are freaking expensive.  Anyways, I am going to upload the photos somewhere... Still haven't decided where to put up the photos.  Maybe Flickr?