Friday, July 28, 2006

Ahy~ life is never perfect...

Okee... if i really want to write a new blog, the following is all i could think of that's remotely worth mentioning, because my life is really not that intresting these days. So i have been helping ming out with the "handy man" jobs, washed a couple loads of laundry, cleaned up the laundry room and tidy up the messy shoes. But what i really want to talk about is ~WEEDS~ Imagine you have a square foot of grass and in this area, you have little bits of pieces of 'beansprot like creatures' that you need to carefully extract without pulling out the grass... that's what i did today. Not 1 square foot, but probably 50, and that's only 1/3 of the the whole backyard. This all started last summer, but we never paid any attention to it, until today i could no longer stand it and grabbed a tiny stool so i can sit closer to the ground and get those little bitches one by one. So i probably got about 1lb. of these little 'beansprot like creatures' today from this 1/3 of the yard. The rest of the yard is also full of these and i am tired just thinking about it... Whenever i'm pulling weeds, all i think is "i hate this, i don't want to spend my youthful years plucking weeds. Why the hell did we not get a condo in the first place? I feel that i hate every single house chores, like gardening (weed extracting the most), outdoor garbage cans (that includes geenbins and recylcles), and all the house manintenance business... i wish that i live in a condo. but then again i don't want to pay the condo fees. Ahy~ life is never perfect...

Monday, July 17, 2006

4 down, 1 (or maybe 3) more to go...

We finished out wedding marathon for the summer this past weekend. Every wedding is so different; each with its style and every single one of them was special in its own way. For example, we just had our very first "vegetarian" dinner and it was very unique. But afterwards I was sort of craving for some burgers, hahaha...

sweet Allen and Cindy

a very special dish.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

a thought of food

I was thinking about this today... Is swiss cheese from Switzerland? Is french fries from France? Is black forrest cake from Black Forrest? Is 德國豬腳 from Germany? What else is there?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Wallace is a homeless

On my way home from work yesterday, there was this begger on the street, with a Timmy Ho's cup in his hand, going through every car that was stopped at the red light to beg for some money. I thought the guy looked like Rasheed Wallace. Hahaha... If you think about it, if Wallace lose his head band, the jersey, and the shoes, he actually does look like a homeless/begger, doesn't he?! Hahaha...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

貼心的 'Thomas Jefferson'

Ok... 記上一次的 blog 後, 連我媽都說我不應該寫那種話 (well, she didn't actually say it, she just sort of hinted it), 所以我決定說一些ming 的好話. coz afterall, ming does do some good stuff once in a while. ~.^ ok ok... he is actually pretty good to me most of the time... for example, i worked the whole day on Thursday, after i came home and went into my room, i noticed something different about it but i couldn't quite point out what, coz i was just so tired after a 12 hour shift. So the next day, after i woke up, i realized that 'hey! my windows have blinds up!' I used to have just a layer of curtain on, which is very non-effective when it comes to blinding the sunlight. So every morning i would get waken up by the bright light shinning right in my eye. This trip to NYC, we stayed at a very nice hotel (it was actually a Hilton) and the room was completely dark in the morning because it had really thick curtains, and i had a great sleep that time. So i said to ming "i want this kinda curtains in my room too..." I guess he listened and he delievered my wish after we came home. What a 貼心的 move, ming. ^^

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


有時候跟ming講話會講得很氣, 講完了就很想跟人complain. 可是想想我真的沒什麼朋友, 因為真的沒人可吐氣. 不過有一大部分是我自己的原因, 因為我太懶了, 懶得找人. 所以很多時候就把這一把火給吞了下來. 有一些男朋友以外的朋友真的很重要. ><

shopping is fun~

Just came back from our NYC/Woodbury shopping trip. I came back with tons of goodies and a big hole in my wallet. I realize that i have a sickness, a "must have it, can't wait" sickness. Whenever i go shopping, if i see something i like, i feel like i must get it now, or else it will be gone later. Or i feel like i must have it because other ppl have it too. That is very bad of me. Therefore, every time we go on a "shopping tour" it's like a competition. If other ppl buy it, then i must buy some too. I mean, i am not like that all the time, but sometimes i feel that this sickness is part of the reason why i spend so much. I also think this sickness was caused by my childhood experience. When i was in school back in taiwan, i always had the best school bags, stationaries, and bento box. My classmates were envious of me and often praised of my belongings. This made me felt i had to keep up my "princess" status, i often had to buy new stuff to bring to school, and as time goes by, this habit got stuck with me. I know this is very bad of me, since i am not making that much money these days. But then again there's always ming, who spends more than i do and makes nothing right now. ~.^ (Sorry ming... i needed a twist to my blog).