Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I have an application on Facebook called "Horoscope." It has been pretty accurate for me.
look what it says this week.
"Pisces: An event you've been looking forward to will be cancelled, but it will end up better that way."
What event is that?! hum...

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Raptors won tonight against the Celtics!!!
It must have been all the good deeds that they did visiting the kids at the hospital.
NBA cares~ Heehee...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Maybe living in Toronto has its good moments

There's usually not that many exciting events in my life that is worth blogging. But today would count as one of those days that something exciting actually happened.
My good friend Lance once asked "have you ever seen a NBA player in person?" At that time I could only answer "yes, i saw junk yard dog." But today......
I saw Chris Bosh!!! In real person, face to face, almost in contact with him!
I was at the hospital, doing some shadowing work for my practicum. While we were in a patient's room doing some teaching with the new staff, Chris Bosh and Joey Graham came to visit the kids on the unit!!! I was the first to see the players and yelled out "OMG" then some of us ran out to see what they were doing. Before they left the unit, the two of them were handing out some autographs, so when CB4 was handing them out, I just snatched one. Not everyone got it though. I kinda ran in front of some nurses in order to get it. I felt embarrassed doing it, but hey, it's CB4's autograph!!! So I had a "almost" in contact experience with him, how cool is that!!! After I finished my shadowing, I went over to another unit, and I saw them again. I am such a teen when it comes to seeing celebrities. Chris was more reserved than Joey, Joey was smiling and more personable. But Chris wasn't too bad either. He was really really tall, very skinny too.
And then (more exciting story here), when I was about to leave the hospital, I saw Sam Mitchell while I was coming down the elevator!!!! He was walking towards the direction that I was going, so I just followed him. I found out that he drinks coffee, Timmy Ho coffee, not Starbucks, coz he walked by it and didn't get it. He drinks his coffee regular. How do I know? Coz i was lining up right behind him!! Hey, I was going to get Tim's myself coz I was starving at that time, seriously. And guess what, he said Hi to me when he turned around and saw me!!! I said "Hi coach" back to him, Haaha..... He was with another man (pretty good looking black man) and for the whole time they were talking about basketball!!! Something like "what's his name? he rebounded pretty good...." Wow.... everything was so surreal. :D
I have to admit that I am such a 追星族.... hahaha.... Ahhh.... what a good day.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I have been following NBA quite a bit lately.
I feel bad for the Miami Heat, 12 loses... wow... They probably haven't won since November or something....
Anyways, Go Raptors!

Monday, January 14, 2008

"Malawi Drops Ties With Taiwan for China."
如果是KMT president的話,不知道外交會是怎樣? since they think there is only one china...
乾脆就不用外交了, 省麻煩...
if you watched the amazing race 12 last night, the show travelled to taiwan during last night's episode. pretty interesting. the whole episode took place in taiwan.
it's a good show.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

some off day events...

Last Thursday: i was trying to get to class which was at 1pm. got to the subway a little late, but it's usually alright coz class usually doesn't start until 10-15 minutes past 1pm. 坐不到一站, the subway announced to ask everyone to get off the train coz it was no longer in service (it was not running between yorkmill and eglinton station). so everyone got off at yorkmill station. tons of people were waiting at the subway stop for the shuttle going to eglinton station and everyone was trying to squeeze onto each shuttle that came along, it was so hectic, no personnel were helping with the order.... an old lady fainted, fell onto the floor, i couldn't really see the lady until much later (after more ppl left) and i noticed a classmate of mine was trying to help the lady. she was trying to get to class too! i waited for 1hr to get onto the shuttle... by the time i got to class, the class was almost ended, so mad, coz it was the most important class of the whole term... XD I talked to a girl in the class who takes the same route as me to go to class, she told me that someone jumped in front of the train, suicide jump, and she was in the first train and saw the whole thing. the train was not able to stop in time, even though they shut down the entire power supply, the guy was underneath. ahy... my friend was devastated.
After class, got onto the subway, no problem there, but when i got to the station, there was tons of cops, some areas were sealed off with police tapes. apparently some guy was almost beaten to death there, and it was all over the news that night.
Tonight: went to dairy queen to get some sweets, but some disgusting sightings happened... ming ordered a chilled cappoccino, kinda like a milk shake. the obasan making the drink used her bare hand to sweep off the excess ice cream in the cup three times!!! and we knew she didn't wash her hands after handling money. no matter, using bare hands to wipe off ice cream is just so gross. i told ming that i wouldn't eat it and if i were him i would tell the obasan that i am not drinking this (in a nice way). but being ming, he just took it and walked away. on the drive home, i was eating my strawberry cheesecake blizzard, i noticed something that tasted funny, kinda moldy, so i turned on the car lights, and noticed some black dots: yuck!!! ming turned the car around, i got back into DQ and tell them that there was mold in my ice cream! in a nice way, coz there were customers there... the cashier did not apologize, was going to make me another cup, i said no way, give me my money back! so she did. After we got home, ming threw his drink in the sink... :S

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

i've been looking everywhere for our 2nd phone handset. first i was happy that there's the "search for handset" function, but it is useless if that phone is totally out of battery... grrr... where the hell is the phone!

Monday, January 07, 2008

first day back to T.O

slept the whole night and the next day (woke up at almost 4pm).
still feeling a little sick and start to feel the stress of school.
i really enjoy my time in seattle and miss my family and friends there very much.
chloe has become such a big girl now. she is both naughty and more mature.
i think she knows more about cooking than uncle ming ~.^ hehee...
she is very attentive to her little sister anabelle, she is going to be a good big sister. even though i can't imagine her being a sibling, coz she's got all the attention in the world on her. it must feel weird as a parent, to have a child who used to be everything to you, then suddenly there's another one. how do you spare the love? anabelle is a lovely baby, she smiles very often and sometimes giggles!!! i don't think i've seen a baby giggle before!!! but she has some gas issue so she's kept her parents up all night for the past few days, poor mel, rudy, and chloe. one night the whole family was up at 5am, including my parents, lotus and robert. but i was sleeping soundly on the other side of the house. ming was the one who told me coz he fell asleep watching tv on the couch that night.
it is 2008 now. looking back to 2007, don't feel like i've accomplished anything (besides getting married, can that count as an accomplishment?) wasted another year. but honestly, which year in the past was not wasted? i think we need to do another road trip in order to feel like i've done something. ;)