Wednesday, November 29, 2006


This is more like the real projection of what next 7 days of weather looks like. Lets get the story right here.

pillowcases and children?

What the heck has this world become of? I was out shopping for some pillowcases. I could not find anything less than $20 per two! They are just pillowcases! Where two pieces of rectangular fabrics get sewed together! Give me a sewing machine and i can make you 10 for under $10. I hate coming home empty handed....

Everything has become so expensive nowadays. I had a thought that maybe i should not have any children coz i won't be able to support him/her. I can barely support myself... I still want to buy all those nice things for myself, not for another person. But maybe this "another person" will feel like part of me that when i buy for him/her, it will feel like buying for myself? Who knows....

Friday, November 24, 2006

I love Grey's Anatomy

If you haven't seen Grey's Anatomy, you should really do that. It is a great show!!! I don't know why, but it's just great. It's got the cheesy love-hate relationships between men and women, and it's also got some interesting medical cases (mostly exaggerated tho, but that makes it more like TV and not real life, which i like). And i just realized that there's a character in it whose name is the name i want for my future daughter, it's "Izzie." She's an interesting character as well, and she's quite pretty. I can't believe that she's only 27 in real life as opposed to Meredith who is 37! Oh, and Mc.Dreamy... He is just tooooooo dreamy....*.*

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Late night reading and "Jolin最愛現場音樂精選": a good combination. It starts off with some fast pace music to get you started, then it eases off to soft light music to keep you awake but not interfere with your reading too much. That's my pt. of view though. Try it.

Monday, November 20, 2006


it finally snowed~

We finally decided to rake the leaves of our front lawn yesterday afternoon. It was freaking cold... my hands were frozen so i had to bust out my gloves, my cute pink gloves... our neighbor must think i'm such a princess, wearing pink gloves and my fancy coat raking leaves. It was so cold coz it was about to snow! We did not know that, and good thing we did it before it snowed or else our leaves would be barried under and kill our grass when snow melts/spring comes. I don't think we did an amazing job, coz there's still tons here and there, but we ran out of bags and it was getting dark/cold. I bet our lawn will have bald spots next year. :S Because of this stupid lawn work, it took up ming's afternoon, so he couldn't get his work done and stayed up all night. You still want a house, ming?

Friday, November 17, 2006



I have to say... President Chen, u'r wrong for saying this... u'r supposed to be the real demoncratic president for the present generation. what the prevous president received has nothing to do with you, whether it was right or wrong... u should just do whatever u believe is right but also be thankful for the things that a president gets, or not gets... ahy...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

This blog is for you~

To all of my friends and family who views this blog of mine, i want to make an annoucement.
I do not pick up phone calls (very rarely). When you call me at home please leave a message. I will pick up your call while you are recording a message, or i will call you back if i am not home while you called. If you don't do the above, i will not know who called and you will not hear back from me. Getting more than 5 calls at home during the day with no one leaving a message prompts me to write this message because i do not want to miss my dear friends & family's calls. There. And no, i am not 吃飽沒事做 .

me and my mess

When i look at my place, the office, my room, and many more places in the house, i know it is messy. Ming cannot stand messiness. But for some reason (maybe laziness), i don't mind it. In fact, i enjoy the mess. It gives me a feeling of "home." I think only my family would understand what i'm talking about here. ~.^ But do not confuse messy with dirty, coz i cannot stand dirt, whereas ming doesn't care much about it. I write this blog to try to justify my messiness.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

busy busy work

Went to work on Monday. It was so freaking busy. We have this program called GRASP at work that measures our work load for the day. After you enter in what you've done for the patient for the day, it would tell you approximately how many hours you've spent on him/her. I did it on one of my patients, he turned out to be 9.12 hours!!! Plus i still had 2 others who were rated 2. something and 3. something. Plus i went for my 1.5 hour break. How does that add up? I do not understand... The people up there probably don't look at these anyways, they won't be able to comprehend the amount of work that we do at bed side. I have to say that I am proud of what i've accomplished for the day and still be able to go for my breaks.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

1 day trip

Ming and I came back from a 1 day intense/busy trip to Kingston last night. We had a party here at home till 2:30am Friday night, woke up at 8am on Saturday, drove down to Kingston, Brockville, then we returned at 5pm. We did manage to fit in Don-Nang into our crazy schedule though. ;P We were originally going to stay over-night in either Kingston or Brockville, but we decided to save the hotel fee and came back to our comfortable home. It turned out to be a good idea coz we finished everything that we wanted to check out by 5, so we figured if we drive back, it wouldn't be too late. Even though the two of us were dead tire from lack of sleep the night before, but ming drove the way there, and i drove half way back (while ming snored away), it turned out to be not too bad. Ming was so tired though... this kinda one day trip is really tiring. The main purpose of our trip was to check out wedding reception places (and i bet we'll be doing a lot more of these in the near future, so anyone want to tag along, u'r welcome to do so). After seeing 7 places in total, we are still very confused as to what we really want. Not one place was perfect. It is going to be a hard decision to make, but one that needs to be made soon, coz we can't drag it on for too long anymore...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Help me~

I have a sickness.... an over-spending sickness...
Help me... take my credit card away from me...
Or i am going to be broke very soon.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

little fat sheep

I meant to write this entry 2 days ago, but have been too busy...

So i guess some of you might have already seen my msn nick name for the past little while all about this little sheep. And guess what i found at T&T the other day...

So ming and i had this for the last 2 days. I gotta say, the taste was still good, but it wasn't as fun as eating it at the restaurant, coz "I" had to do all the cooking for 2 people! Plus the preperation work! And the fact that there was no other friends present made it less meaningful as well. But i gotta say, the package was worth the money, just $2 you can have little fat sheep right at your home. Just gotta deal with the smell in the house afterwards though... my scented oil was burning for the whole night after dinner X2 nights.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


昨天煮了一種波蘭菜叫"perogies." 雖然很簡單但也花了我一些心思. 煮的時候一直想念著我那遠在波蘭的表妹, 不知道她是否常常吃這玩意兒? 好好保重自己吧. 請看.

Friday, November 03, 2006

I feel old...

Yesterday I went to my favorite clothing store, aritzia. This girl helped me with the dress i tried on. I had trouble deciding whether i should get the black one or the red one. So she asked "do you go to school?" "Yes," coz yes, i am going to school (just not the grade she was refering to). "then i would go with the red one, coz it's more flashy," she said (did she think that i go to high school?). "I would never wear this to school," i replied, that is just too much. Then she asked "why not? it's so sharp and trendy," so i said to her "that's because you are still young..." She smiled and said "well yeah, i am 17." !!!!!! WHAT!!!!! She was only 10 years younger than me, nice... I feel old...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I went to another bridal store by myself yesterday. Last time i went with a friend, but i didn't really get to see anything, coz appearantly i need to book appointments to try on dresses at bridal stores! Same with the store yesterday. This is just a store near our place. The owner said that they've been in business since 1968! Anyways, because i didn't book appointment ahead of time so i couldn't try on any dresses (that's okay, i didn't want to anyways), but i just wanted to check out the place. The owner suggested me a few things (he was quite nice), ie. look early, don't try on dresses that's out of your budget, blah blah blah; then he said to bring my mom or sister with me next time, so i can get opinions on it, since they are the ones who would know me best. I told him that they won't be able to help coz they don't live here. So he said, well, who is going to come with you? I said my friends. Then he said that's even better, coz you can't choose ur family coz you're born with them, but you can choose your friends! Hahaha... what a funny guy. But honestly, after i left the store, i thought about what he said, 鼻頭有一點酸酸的. Seems kinda lonely here without any family...