Saturday, March 13, 2010

New blogger

I think this site is going to be abandoned from now on...
Ming has created a new blogger site for Caleb Miki.
So please go to the following site to see what's up with our lives~

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I am still here~ No signs of Caleb yet.
Went to my technically "last" midwife appointment yesterday, and she did som kinda maneuver to me and it hurt like hell.  That let me realize i will definitely need epidural.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

今天Caleb 37 周了!!!

從知道懷孕的驚嚇,到懷孕時的緊張,到現在讓我感覺他是一個真的bebe了,真是個奇妙又珍貴的經驗。  我其實很想趕快遇到他,也是因為我有點累了,可是我又希望他不要來的太早來,因為我想在放假之前修息一下, 也想他再長大一點。
Just one more week... one more week... mikiyaya加油。

Monday, February 01, 2010

Less than a month to go!!!

Thank you to the lady who gave up her seat to me on the GO train today....
There was this other woman who was pregnant and she went around asking if people would give up their seats for her.  I would never have the guts to do that.  That's why I am so grateful for the lady who saw me standing and offered me her seat.  I wasn't even in a spot that she could easily saw me!  Thank you and God bless you.  :)

Last night K started kicking me at 3:30am.  I didn't want to get up, even though I knew he was hungry.  At 4am, he started getting hiccups!  That made me felt guilty so I went and got myself a bowel of cereal.  Ahy... This boy is going to be trouble.  Whenever he/I feel hungry he would be kicking like crazy, and if i don't eat soon enough, he would get the hiccups.  Lack of sleep is merely a description of how i feel right now.  I am just exhausted~~~  Good thing my work replacement started her orientation today so she was able to do some of the stuff for me.  Otherwise i don't think i would have made it back home today.  Deciding to leave 2 weeks before my due date was stupid and overambitious.  Now i'm regretting it.  As long as K stays put (upside down too), and my legs don't give up on me, i guess i'll survive.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

7:30pm 回到家還要煮飯給自己吃真累...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I think we are almost ready

for Caleb's arrival.  One night ming just put together the bassinet and things started to feel real, like "yeah, there is really a baby coming!"  I am starting to feel a little nervous, kinda like before an exam...  So we did K's laundry today, folded them and prepared what to bring to the hospital.  I think we have way more than enough clothes for him.  It looks a lot, but half of it is flannels and wash clothes, half was gift from other people and baby shower this past week, and the rest I bought.  So don't say I bought too much oh....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our glider has arrived.  There's a cushion that comes with it.  It's a nice looking glider (well, i think so), but not the "most" comfortable one.... It's a sacrifice between look and comfort. :P

thank you my friends~

so after some lengthy discussions with ming and advices from friends, we finally got the bassinet/playpan.  thanks to jamie/cindy/egg for their gift (well, i basically went and exchanged for this one).