Thursday, February 04, 2010

今天Caleb 37 周了!!!

從知道懷孕的驚嚇,到懷孕時的緊張,到現在讓我感覺他是一個真的bebe了,真是個奇妙又珍貴的經驗。  我其實很想趕快遇到他,也是因為我有點累了,可是我又希望他不要來的太早來,因為我想在放假之前修息一下, 也想他再長大一點。
Just one more week... one more week... mikiyaya加油。


connie said...


connie said...


FT said...

go go power ranger~~!

Lily said...

oh my Gosh!!! I didn't know that you are expecting!! you are so low-key!! I only knew now because I finally got a new computer and am back online now. Congratulations!! I will pray for you and wish you the best!! You will be a great mom because you are the professional!!

Keli said...

You're in the home stretch! 加油! Can't wait to see Caleb!

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