Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Honestly, ever since I heard that Takko's out on the blogger biz, I didn't feel like writing anymore. Coz what's the point?! Ming doesn't write his blog until it reaches 3 weeks mark, and i don't know anyone else who keep up his/her blog as dedicated as Takko. Plus i've been sick staying at home, so haven't really had anything interesting happened to me besides our dinner on CN tower on Saturday. So I've been basically staying at home since last Thursday! Went out for dinner on Saturday, this cold has really killed my days off. I wanted to do so much but instead i had to stay home. There is a little part of me that's glad i'm sick, coz it gives me excuse to lie in bed all day. I am loosing some money making opportunities tho, I planned to work for a few days before going back home so i can make a few extra bucks for shopping. ;) That's okay, coz i'll be doing lots of that when i am in Taipei. Can't wait to go back, but also scared coz that means one step closer to the new school semester. This will probably be the last blog that I'll write this year (or maybe not). Merry christmas and Happy new year to everyone!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The dating game

So apperantly I am in one of the top 5 female professions that are "datable." But i guess nurses cannot compete with Models or "air host" since they have to be pretty in order to do that job. As for nurses? There are some ugly nurses out there...
Both male and female doctors are the most desirable professions by both sexes. Really? Men like their girlfriends to be doctors? That's just against the tradition, i thought men don't like women with autonomy?
Doctor 92%
Architect 89%
Lawyer 89%
Property Agent 89%
Fire Fighter 86%
Accountant 78%
Pilot 78%
Teacher 78%
Athlete 72%
Builder 72%
Musician 72%
Nurse 69%
Social Worker 61%
Dancer 58%
Model 58%
Plumber 58%
Artist 56%
Sales Assistant 50%
Bartender 47%
Air Host 42%
Politician 31%
Doctor 92%
Model 92%
Air Host 88%
Dancer 88%
Musician 88%
Nurse 88%
Property Agents 87%
Sales Assistant 84%
Teacher 84%
Artist 80%
Bartender 80%
Athlete 76%
Lawyer 72%
Architect 68%
Accountant 60%
Social Worker 60%
Pilot 44%
Plumber 44%
Fire Fighter 28%
Politician 20%
Builder 16%
Source: FastLife and Lavalife
Vancouver Sun

Monday, December 04, 2006

星期一 Activity (還有寫工課啦)

今天聽了楊乃文的新專輯X2. 很不錯聽喔, 而且第11首歌還有小驚喜哩, 嚇了我一跳.

晚上煮了排骨海帶凍豆腐湯, 好喝又健康! (好像很不要臉說自己煮的東西好吃, 呵呵呵)

Friday, December 01, 2006

step 1 2 3

This is the third time that i've changed the date of our wedding... let's try to keep it at this date now please.... going crazy here. Next step (or steps), find florist, cake maker, and photography (coz all have to be arranged on the same date). Maybe i should start looking for my gown too? At the mean time, i should finish my two final papers first then worry about the wedding. One step at a time. No need to panic.