Monday, June 25, 2007

summer days

By the end of tonight (hopefully coz i'm still working on my papers) one of my two summer courses will be finished. Time has really gone by so quickly. In less than a month our friend will be delivering, less than 2 months, I am getting married, and less than 3 months i will be in taiwan. Pffff.... Scary!!!

I saw some photos of Chloe today on my sister's blog (finally, after so many weeks of malfunctioning of the site) and Chloe has grown up so big!!! She is seriously a big girl now. Pffff.... Scary!!!

We got 13 reply cards back for our wedding, out of the 90 that we sent out, hahaha... Now there are confirmed 80 people attending the wedding. How the list grew from 60 to 80, i don't know. :) The seating plan is done. Yay. At this time I am more concerned for my school work than wedding plans. One thing at a time.

Monday, June 18, 2007

random thoughts (during my slacking off from paper)

ming is snoozing away right now on the couch. he fell asleep right after dinner tonight, coz he didn't sleep at all last night, trying to finish his report card. he also told me some stuff about education and his kids in the class and i think he is doing some crucial job in the society, but being a "trying to do it all" type of person, he is bound to be disappointed coz sometimes it is just out of a single person's hands. there are too many other factors, like the whole government/insitutional system or societal factors that affect our jobs. i think being a teacher is just as hard as being a nurse. both physically and mentally challenging. i think these two professions should get paid the most in this world! but then i think about those farmers who grow the food that we eat, those clean our water at water plants so we can drink, and those police who protect us so we feel safe, and many many more, so i guess no one should be paid more than the other. therefore, maybe communism is better~ but then again, i don't know much about communism, hahaha...

Friday, June 15, 2007

no more basketball

Well... that's it for NBA this year.
Tony and I will go our separate ways now as he goes on to marry Eva and I go on marrying ming... Just jokking, ming!!!
MVP of the playoff. Well deserved. Eva jumped onto Tony after the game finished, such a sweet moment; she cried when Tony was awarded the MVP.
They will get married on 07/07/07, the luckiest day. How I wish I was a star~
Go Raptors!!??

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I love HGTV

I watch a lot of HGTV. I probably spend over 50% of my TV time on this channel. I have to say that for those who likes or interested in designing shows, you gotta watch Sarah Richardson's show. She is now my all time favorite designer!!! I watched her show when she was just a young little non-famous girl doing this show called "Room Service" where she showed a lot of crafty idea and projects. Then she started her own designing show called "the Design Inc." And now she has a new show called "Sarah's House" and it is a not only beautiful eye pleasing show, but also an entertaining one. You see all the construction/renovation challenges that even an experienced designer faces! In fact, not only one designer, but many designers, coz there are other designers on the show as well. I used to like Debbie Travis ( I still like her, just not as much), but SR is now my idol. Her house, her clients all have beautiful places! So envious.
Then my next favorite kinda show is those British real estate shows. There was one episode that they even went to Italy to find properties!
Yeah, so that's all. If you have the channel, watch it!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

no title

On my drive home from work last night, while i was passing by the airport that i always drive by on the highway, i suddenly saw this jet taking off, attached to it was a banner, a very long banner that says "___ WILL YOU MARRY ME" in red lettering. Oooohhhh, how sweet~ I wonder where the girl was at that time? And i hope she saw it, coz that banner was only flying for like 20 seconds then it fell off! LOL...

Friday, June 01, 2007

Canadian dollar hits 94 cents against US dollars today, amazing...

Lately I'm feeling very sentimental~

I heard that a few days ago ming's parents came to my house in Taipei to "lift kiss." During our conversation over what happened during that day, my dad was really proud of the work that he and my mom have put into cleaning up our house. He sent me a few (actually, many) photos of different spots in the house to show me how tidy it was. I was really proud and touched by what they have done. This is my parents you're talking about, two people who strive on clutterness. They did an awesome job, the place was spotless (well, I couldn't tell about the details, and I bet they would not be up to my standard, since my parents are old now and have bad visions), it must have taken them 'days' to do that! Seriously, coz our first floor is big and there is tons of stuff!!! They did this to protect me, to show respect to ming's family, and to honour the event. I am overwhelmed by their effort. This really makes me think even more (lately I have been thinking a lot about this) about living close to my parents so I could help them out around the house and take care of them (who knows if I'll do it once I do live close to them). Coz honestly, they are getting old and I feel like I should spend more time with them. Their house is big but they are not hiring anyone for help to save money (for what I don't know; me I guess). This summer when I go back, I will be cleaning up again. That's the least I could do, once every so many "years." Thank you mom and dad. :..)
This is only one section of the first floor. You can see the many things hiding behind the table. The last time I went back, the table was full of stuff, with tons of more stuff on the floor. I bet that those things are just stuffed in mel's room now.