Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mall biz'

I don't understand what this world has become of... I don't know if this applies to all the malls out there, but this is what happened at the mall closest to our place today. A cute old ojisan was using his digital camera to take some photos of the mall, coz there was some really pretty sky lights. He looked like some nice old chinese grandpa, probably visiting his family here in Canada or something. Then a security guard came up to him and said "no, you are not allowed to take photos in the mall, no pictures!" I don't understand why!!! This security guard was a little nicer than one that we ran into the other time at my hospital. We were taking photos with ming's mom and aunt inside the hospital (she was visting from Taiwan), then a guard started screaming at us, sitting down at her station, 6 feet away, "hey! hey! hey! you cannot take photos!" So loud that the whole hospital could hear her. I was so pissed, coz it laid a bad impression for ming's mom and his aunt. How could a hospital staff be so rude?! So this whole "no pictures inside a mall, a hospital, maybe in the airport too," i don't know, is probably all measures against terrorism, but it has made this world so much less personable and less kind. So sad~
Anyhow, it was nice to shop at the mall by myself today, i haven't done that for a while now.

Monday, August 28, 2006

A combo blog

Today we met up with an old friend, one who we haven't seen in 3 years. It is nice to meet up with an old friend, but sometimes it's awkward coz you don't really know what to talk about. There are many other friends out there who i've probably not seen or even spoken to over 3 years and you know what, friends can get lost that way. I often think that i am a very passive person, i will not make the first move in contacting my friends. So most of my friends have to be more active than me. But if the other party is less active or even more passive than me, then it will be a sad situation: lost contact. You may say that i am lazy or something, i don't know, that's just who i am... The truth is, i want my friends to contact me, but i just don't want to make the first move, and i often make ming do it (even though he doesn't like it either). So friends of mine, please keep on talking to me, or i am going to lose you....

I've been sleeping in the guest room for about a week now, due to the construction, lose of electricity in my room, and the noise early in the morning. But this room really stinks. It's not a bad smell, but i am a very sensitive person when it comes to smells. I can smell things that other ppl cannot smell. So it is so hard for me to breathe right now ( i am using a laptop in the room). I have used some scented oils in the past few nights, but i often forget to blow out the candle and just fell asleep. I don't think that's a safe thing to do.... I just hate the smell tho....

Friday, August 25, 2006

I Love You Gals

I think i have realized just how important family and friends are to me. I don't think i would ever be able to survive without my family and friends. You simply listen to me when i am down or upset, you care for me and you empathize me, and after venting to you, it's a brand new world again. Thank you gals, thank you for supporting me during the toughest times of my life. There's more to come, so stay tune for any up-coming "&%*$()#$&%!.... I thank you in advance.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Holy crap, summer is almost over!

眼看著暑假就要過去了, 我在這期間做了些什麼呢? 我只能說我過了一個很悠閒的一年. 比起我那些努力用工的朋友, 我真的是太混了. 可是說實在的, 我還蠻喜歡這種生活呧. 你可以說我很懶惰, 沒志氣, 不過人不是只要過的開心就好了嗎? 俗語說: 平淡的日子就是福... 咦? 這句話說得真好, 好像在那裡聽過? :P

nice and relaxed~

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Jay again

So fine, i will stop talking about this name changing biz and stop calling you Jay. I just can't help it but to mention the name again. Go Blue Jay Go!

Monday, August 21, 2006

my old Jay~

Tomorrow will be the start of our 2006 Summer Reno project. Of course we are not doing the reno, there's ppl coming to do it. So today I had to clean up the bathroom, coz it's where they will start the construction.

It's good to have a make over once in a while. A small bathroom like this, I cleaned up 2 bags of garbage, impressive! Last month when Jay and I cleaned up the basement, we dumped 4-5 bags of clothings/shoes, 2 TV's, 1 VCR, 2 mattresses, 2 heaters, tons of books/magazines/papers, toys, and many more. All of these are probably our collection over 9 years. It is a good exercise for me, reorganizing, as I am known as "miss squirrel" because I don't throw away things and I forget that I have them and where I have hid them. It's fun and brings back a lot of old memories when you see all of these old things... On many occations during our clean-sweep, you would hear me say "NO!!! I am keeping that" while Jay yells back "What do you keep that for?!" I think I am a really 念舊的人, I have a hard time letting go old things, so that's why I've been with Jay all these years. :P

Jay 30生日

For the Torontonians only... Don't go to this all you can eat Japanese restaurant called "Wasabi." 又難吃又貴. Although the service was good, and the deco was nice, but it is not worth $30. Even the drinks were not included. It was ming's 虛歲30生日, even though we were not satisfied with the food, but our overall 心情還是不錯弟.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


某天我和銘很無聊(ok, 是我很無聊) 我就叫他來幫我們兩取個名子。 現在台灣不是很流行把兩個人的名子加起來然後變了個詞嗎?比如像康熙來了, 和快樂星期天的:一起high 翻天 (李明依和巫啟賢)。 結果銘想了兩個我們名子的組和。 一個是“蛋黃酥“ 令外一個是 “書箭恩仇錄“ (當時我還覺得滿好的,因為我中文成度也不是太好的,沒想到其實兩個的發音是不一樣的, 三條線刷過我的臉)。 真是太好笑啦!


我實在是不敢相信一個兩歲半的小還子竟然會唱整首“我有一隻小毛驢”。 不知到是我小時後太笨了還是現在的小孩實在是太聰明了。 昨天真的被 Chloe 嚇了一大跳。 雖然她一歲多的時後就已經會唱 ABC 了, 不過聽完她唱完整首我有一隻小毛驢還是很 impressed。 希望我以後的小孩也能這麼聰明。 可能在小孩醫院做久了看了太多不健康的bebe, 會失去信心。

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Oh Chloe...

Oh Chloe Chloe... you are growing up too fast, you are becoming a little woman! The next time I see you, you will be dating... >.<

Annoying annoying~

Traveling to/from North America and the UK is going to be hell! Did you hear about those new restrictions?! It is very irritating to me. This include flying to Taiwan too! No more i-pods or portable DVD players or laptops! It is going to be hell! They better provide upgraded entertaining system!!! Coz it is bloddy boring in a 12hr flight!!! Fine, they won't let us have our personal entertaining stuff, and they won't even let us have a bottle of water!!! So we just have to wait for those lazy flight attendants to come every 3 hours for a glass of sinky water! It is more work for them too... They even limit the amout of medications that you are allowed on the plane! The US rules are "okay" but if you read the UK ones, they are totally inhumane. They don't allow any meds more than 50ml in the cabin!!! 50ml?! That is way too minimal. Not only that, you will be asked to "taste" these medications that are on you! That is just dumb... They even said no handbags! Only are pocket sized stuff allowed and hey will give you a plastic bag to put your stuff in! That feels like a jail... You can bring your glasses, but cannot bring its case; what if the glasses smash coz it's not protected? You can bring contact lens cases, but not contact solutions; so they will provide it for us? Or are they just going to ask us to use the dirty aircraft toilet water? You can bring baby milk powders, but parents will be asked to taste them as well... geez, these UK's are getting so serious! I just don't know how i am going to survive my 12 hr plane ride without any music... cabin earphones suck. So annoyed by this...

Sunday, August 06, 2006


People who live in Taiwan probably can't understand the folloing blog entry...
We were at T&T the other day shopping for groceries: T&T is the place we go 90% of the time now, coz it's got all the good chinese and taiwanese food there. I love this drink called "蘋果多." You can probably find it anywhere in Taiwan 7-11. But not here!!! T&T used to sell it (at $3.99+tax/pack of 6 >_<) with limited quantities, but they haven't had any for over 1 year now. I used to check out the drinks section all the time just to see if they've imported some, but after months of disappointment, i gave up and stopped looking. But this other day, while i was just waiting for ming and his mom at the veges section, the corner of my eye caught a whole stack of "蘋果多!!!" I was ecstatic and jumped (literally) off the shopping cart that i was hanging onto and grabbed a good 2 packs... Maybe it was not much, but i treasure it so much that it will take me at least 2 months to finish this. This happened probably a few days back now and i still can't get over the joy of having 蘋果多. I LOVE 蘋果多!!! ^0^

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Music costs a lot

What do ya all think about downloading music from the internet?! Come on... we all do it, stop pretending you are all innocent and dignified. I was reading this news on the taiwanese website; a 16 yr old girl was arrested for downloading some songs (and provide for other ppl to download) that probably haven't even come out of the stores yet. I don't know what i would do if i were living in taiwan; i would probably say proudly that "i will always buy the real albums." But because i don't live in taiwan, even though they do sell 'some' CD's here, they are hard to get and all priced at an incredibly/rediculously high price. So i have a choice to either download songs from the web, feel guilty, or pay a high price for the CD's and suffer. I would always buy the actual CD if it was Jay's, of course. And i used to buy some at the price of $25 a piece when i was young and didn't know nothing about money. Now i cannot do that, and i hate that i cannot get the real albums... and pirating...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

心煩氣躁 >.<

Can you beleive that it was 36°C here in Toronto today?! Holy sh*t... And with humidity, it felt like 44°C!!! This is not Taiwan ok?! I wonder how are people surviving without AC at home, or those who work outdoors?! Ming and I were shopping for some home reno stuff, just with in and out of the car and the shops, we were going nuts... 心煩氣躁, is that how you say it? Well, the hot weather definitely made the two of us grumpy and impatient. Should have seen the two of us having a 'heated discussion' at the food court today, it wasn't pretty... Wei Wei says "叫太陽公公關掉阿!" I agree, i agree...