Monday, April 30, 2007

Went on some crazy shoe shopping spree... 我的戰力品... ^o^

Friday, April 27, 2007

2 weeks recap

so i stayed home for almost a week last week. i was home all day sunday waiting for our couch to arrive, then we went out for dinner. after dinner, i did not leave the house (except one late night drive through to MacDonald's on Wednesday, but i still didn't go outside coz i went straight from house to car then back) till Friday 6pm!!! What did i do for those 5 days? I was recuperating from the cold and finishing my final 2 papers. I finished writing by Thursday night. Then i spent the weekend playing. When ming finished proof reading my papers, it was this Monday already and i wanted to hand it in the following day when i go to class. But we had a weird weather on Monday, some extreme wind, rain, thunderstorm, and power went out in our town! I thought the power was gonna come back in an hour or so, but it was out for over 5 hours! I couldn't finish my papers until the power came back, ppfff... good thing the power came back around 11pm, and i was able to finish fixing my papers before i went to bed. The traffic that day was crazy, all the traffic lights were out, and many stores had no power. The wind was insane.
So i handed in the papers on Tuesday, and started my summer course the same day. I did not get any break at all, which sucked. So after class, i went and bought 2 pairs of shoes to relieve my frustration, and since i worked yesterday, i went to buy another pair today! Hahaha.... i have a problem. Hey, one of them was my wedding shoes, so it doesn't count. So that's my plain and "eventful" 2 weeks recap. Oh, just thought i will add this, we ate in everyday, except weekend, and the day that power went out (i was actually gonna cook that night, i washed and cut all the food already, but couldn't cook them coz we use electric stove), and yesterday coz i worked and ming bought dinner. I am finding eating in very relaxing and more healthy, but i still don't like cooking or doing all the dishes all the time.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


今天看到什麼小米筒的website, 看到她做的臘腸飯,覺得我的original recepie被偷了。 所以我決定來做我自己的website on 臘腸飯。
準被要做時才發現,darn, 家裡已經有作天剩下的白飯ne,而且冰箱還有不知到放了多久的稀飯(應該還不算久因為是我生病時煮的,現在還在病),所以不想再煮新的飯。 不過我不會讓這小插曲影響我要做的決心,所以我improvise, 把它變成炒飯。eh, don't worry, it is just as easy as my original 臘腸飯。把蒜頭,芹菜,青江菜,臘腸切成小小段,越小越好。熱鍋,油, 把蒜炒香,加入臘腸, (look closely, 臘腸看起來有點像小梅花)炒到臘腸半熟時把飯倒進去炒到even, 再加入兩樣青菜。(Cindy會說菜好像太多了,don't worry, it's not.
等到菜熟時就好啦! 可以加些甜醬油 before completion to add to taste (Jamie會說no, no, no!). 在此我也要給讀者一個見意(小米筒說什麼用培根來代替臘腸,我覺得太油啦)如過沒有臘腸可用“香腸“代替。 ~.^
1.煮飯就煮飯還要照相,真累。而且還要用很多unnecessary的碗,i'm all about efficiency, man.
2. 還不難吃。
3.因該不會再做下一個entry on cooking了。因為打中文太累啦。
4.小米筒真強,i give it to you.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

i'm wishing for a white summer

So we finally got our new sofa! After 8 months of waiting, or quoting my good friend jamie's verse "懷胎十月也不過如此".... Yeah, it's been a tough process. Ever since the 1st store that went bankrupt, i have started to doubt any service that requires a "deposit." Unfortunately all the services that we are having for our wedding REQUIRE deposits! Like the reception place, my gown, the photographer (~50% of the total price), the cake, invitations (full amount), and flowers.

Thankfully our friends came over to help move the old couch down the basement. Even the professionals who delievered the new ones told us to just forget it, that it wouldn't get through the stairway. Those delievery men were odd. They were in suits, shiny dress shoes, and at the end when ming was nice enough to give them tips, the guy said "5 dollars only?!" Hey, $5 per person and they were here for less than 30 min, that's some easy money! Consider the fact they ripped us off from the delievery fee, giving them tips was generous.
Anyways... the sofas are just fab. Ming keeps asking me if it's okay to sit on it, or sit on it a certain way. :P To me, they are just sofa. Great looking sofa that happen to be comfortable, so i will enjoy them very much~
Now we have these fab sofas, we feel like totally fixing up the room, which means more $$$ spending. Nah... i don't think so.
Since we are still trying to pay off the sofa.

Monday, April 16, 2007


I had a scary dream last night.
The day of my wedding, haven't bought my shoes, the flower girl's basket, ring pillow, so i was running around in a complex with some stores looking for things, coz the stores were about to close!
Then when i saw all the bridesmaids were walking down the aile, i wasn't even dressed in my gown, nor are my make-up and hair done!
When all was finished, ming asked me what i thought of the wedding, i broke down in tears and said "everything was wrong, nothing was perfect like i wanted it..."
Many more things went wrong, but i can't remember today now.
pphfff... good ting it was just a dream.

Friday, April 13, 2007

An on-going | growing list

A list of all the things I want to own right now.
mini cooper S
new kitchen
balenciaga purse
new house
that's it for now.
i'm sure the list will grow bigger as time goes.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

*If only life could be this way everyday*

After a 2 weeks of stressful life, i decided to give myself a treat today (well, actually started yesterday coz i went out shopping).
Today's morning class was another $*%@)&%(+# lecture. "We do not speak the language, language speaks us." It takes a thinker to say this kinda crap. I have had to endure this kinda talk for over 3 months now. Treated myself to a nice starbucks coffee after that class (i usually go with Tim's coz it's cheap). The afternoon class was a treat too, coz it was nice and relax (coz i didn't have to present!) Then i handed in my 15 page paper, pwhff, what a relief. That's the end of this course. Doesn't matter what i get on this paper, it's too late to think about that now. So after class, i decided to visit the downtown core, an underground place that i discovered last week, which had sooo many cute little stores. Bought some stuff for friends and myself, then i treated myself (again) to a JugoJuice, a juice that was too big for me to finish (that is when i miss ming ~.^) Ahhh.... what a nice day (except it rained and i didn't have my umbrella)!!!