Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Seattle Trip March 2009

Go view my new photos in my msn space.  
It took me a long time to upload these photos onto the space, because msn space is so NOT user friendly.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

SF trip

Just came back from SanFran.   A nice city to revisit, I mostly spent my days in downtown area. The city was crowed though, with 3 conferences going on at the same time, the dermatology nurses association convention, the american academy of dermatology conference, and the pharmaceutical companies convention.    A taxi driver informed us that his business is only going well during this week, otherwise he doesn't think his company is going to survive by the end of this year.  He said the economy is really affecting the city, coz it is a city based on tourism.  Ahy.... I could feel the pressure of the recession as well.  Things are in general more expensive, compare to before, compare to Canada.

I ate this cream puff at a westfield mall by myself.  I finished in less than 5 min.  It was good!

Of course a US trip would not be complete without a drink from Jamba Juice.  Didn't see any pinkberry though.

Heard the inspirational speech by Greg Mortenson.  He is a nurse, now a famous writer.  The author of Three Cups of Tea.  I may read it in the future. :)

I've uploaded some more photos in my MSN page. Don't feel like using facebook anymore.