Friday, May 26, 2006

I don't understand why sometimes ppl can be so rude. At the end of my shift yesterday, i paged the on-call doctor for something. And you know what she said to me?! "You know what, this kida thing should be dealt with during the day, at night it should be emergencies only. next time can you remember that?" I wanted to tell her that she can just shove it up her ass and do her damn job. But instead, i kept my cool and my all time "goodie goddie person" 水準 and just asked her to please do it, because ultimately it is for the patient. The truth is, it is the "doctor's" job to do the thing that i needed her to do. If her fellow doctors could just remember to do their job during the day, then i wouldn't have to page her at that time. plus, it was only 7pm, what was her problem, pms?
During my drive back from work yesterday, i saw this homeless guy on the side of a busy street. Some of you may not know that there are a lot of homeless ppl in T.O. Why did this particular one caught my attention? Well, actually all homeless catches my attention because i cannot believe the living conditions they are in and amazed by how they survive on the streets. But anyways, this particular one was sleeping on a one seated sofa, a bright red coloured, Victorian style like, very exaggerated, one of those with with a high back sofa. And there he was just residing there. So i wondered: why do homeless ppl sleep all the time? Because they have nothing else better to do? Then a scary thought came to my mind. The image of this homeless sleeping on a sofa frighteningly reminded me of myself! Take away my money, my place to live, my job, and my car, then I am just like a homeless. I also spend the majority of my day (if i'm not working or going out to shop) sleeping on a sofa! I can sleep for up to 14 hours a day!!! I am just like a homeless, only with a home!!! I wish that i could have taken a photo of that homeless, because it would have made a good photo. Maybe he was trying to make a statement, like "look at me, and then look at this glamorious couch. What an irony!"

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Can you tell where I was pointing at? Too bad that I didn't get to go inside the store. That's okay, there's always next time. Paris is really not that far away.
Yesterday on our way back to home, we saw our neighbor walking their golden retreiver, whom we have not seen in more than a year. I shouted "Bailey!" Ming was just as shocked as I was, coz we've always thought that Bailey has probably passed away since we have not seen him or his poo poo around for a long time. So today when we were doing some garden work, we ran into the neighbor and asked if that was Bailey we saw, she told us that he had passed away a year ago... The new one is their foster dog... how sad. I think we were afraid to ask because we did not want to find out the truth. Bailey was very old but a mild and friendly dog. He did not have a voice when he barked and he would always roll around the front lawn during a bright sunny day. See, after i know that he's passed away, i start to think about him.... I have to say that i don't miss his poo poo though.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

We are back in T.O. The trip was good, ming got to see Paris for the first time, and I got to revisit a lot of places, which brought back a lot of memories. I have to say that i like Switzerland better than Paris. Well, they are totally different cites, just that Swiss people were very friendly. Not that i met any rude French ppl or anythinng, just an overall feeling. I would go back to Switzerland as a tourist, but i would go back to Paris as a shopper. :P Paris is a good shopping place. All the brand name products are much cheaper there and they also have much more selections. Nonetheless, both cities are a great place to visit. The last morning before our flight back to T.O. i went to Carrefour (家樂福), it was like a whole new world. And look what i found, French Pocky!!! How interesting! Take a look at just some of my photos from this trip on my msn website.

Monday, May 08, 2006

So i read about the news that this old time singer called 邰正宵 is returning to the spot light to release a new album. If you don't know who this guy is, he's someone who had a couple of hit songs when i was in junior high. Some people thought that i look like this guy. I don't know if that was a insult to him or to myself... >.<

Sunday, May 07, 2006

After ming and I are engaged, i've been checking out a lot of websites that's related to weddings. ie. wedding gowns, wedding favorites, wedding at the beaches, wedding photography... and many more. Today i saw on the woman's channel talking about a story of a inovative woman who made millions from her business. She is a designer florist whose business soar after having a site. Then she was later on featured on tons of magazines and on the Oprah show, which made her even more famous. I went on her website and i thought her stuff is amazing. This is kinda an inspirational to my wedding dream. Have a look at it when you have time. Her most famous feature is "Boxed in Blooms."

Friday, May 05, 2006

Watching basketball is so stressful... Damn western teams, why do you play at such late times? Don't you know that ppl in the east coast has to sleep at 1:40am? So the Suns won! Game 7 is on and Kobe can go to hell. He can throw that elbow at everyone and don't get any calls. It was so obvious that he hit Barbosa, coz Barbosa's lip was stitched, and when Kobe sat on the chair, he secretly used the towel to wipe off the blood on his arm! If that wasn't obvious, how about their medical person using some sort of antiseptic wipes to clean it off for him! How "jian" can he be. So mad. Poor Barbosa, when he was asked how his lips were doing, he said "it hurts, it hurts, but i'll just have to take it." Suns were really lucky today. I am finding out that Diaw is pretty cute! But doesn't matter, Duncan is still my guy. Awwhh... so sleepy now...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

This is what happened yesterday...
When i was getting ready to go out to mail my tax paper (last due day), i saw that our front lawn was covered with dandelions!!! Mind you that the other day i had already plugged some of them out. So i decided to terminate them. Under the extreme sun rays, i started to extrat them, but there were so many of them! When i was getting close to the part where my tulips were, i almost got attacked by a bee! >.< A scary moment. To be honest with ya, i hate gardening. It is not something that i like to do. But the reality is, if i don't do it, nobody else will do it. Our front garden is manifested by weeds and loose leaves, it's been there since the snow melted (which was like 3 months ago), we have yet to clean it up. The other day mr. ming finally decided to mow the lawn, which has been unacceptabily long way before the winter, because he hurt his back so the grass was just left the way it was. I hate gardening...
So after all the weed extraction, i drove away to mail my tax. On my way there, i let this upcoming car to turn left in front of me, then the guy in the car (an ogisan) gave me a thumb up! Hahaha... That's a first. And a look as if i receive his approval or something. Old ppl are funny.
After i had my tax mailed, i walked around in the mall. A lady with a baby stopped me and asked "excuse me, where did you get your pants?!" i told her "levi's." Hahaha... This is also the first time that someone on the street stopped and asked me where i got my clothes! Funny day.