Wednesday, October 31, 2007

when my professor told me that my use of "syntax" is problematic, it just killed my confidence in writing. first i had to look up the word "syntax" to find out what it means, afterwards i realized she was basically saying that i don't know how to write in english. arrr.... my 16 years of education down the drain. :S

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

today on my way to class, a guy was walking beside me, and i had this thought "i really don't like= despise guys who walk slower than me!" and it wasn't like the guy was taking a stroll, he was walking at the same rythm as me, just that he was either short or he took small steps. yuck....

Friday, October 26, 2007

this is what happened in my dream last night:
i went to see a doctor at this clinic for the first time. i don't even recall what did i went to see her for. and guess what she told me.... "you are suffering from bulimia." i yelled "bulimia?!" and then she responded "yes, bulimia of your soul."
Hahahaha.... when i woke up, i was like "huh? what? what the hell was that all about!!!" bulimia of the soul, how creative....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I used to have classes every Tuesday morning and afternoon, so i would take the GO to go to school. For those who don't live in Toronto, GO is a train/bus transit system that serves the outer Toronto areas, such as Markham, which is where we live. It takes about 50 minutes from my stop to get to the Main station downtown, then i would transfer to the subway system to get to my class.
So every Tuesday when i am waiting for the train to arrive, standing on the track, i would see this man pushing a woman in a wheelchair to get onto the train. Then the guy would take off. I assume that this is how the women commute to work everyday and not just Tuesdays (coz i've seen them on other days as well on the odd occasions when i do go downtown other than tuesdays).
But because this semester i only have one class on Tuesday afternoons, i don't get to take the train in the mornings, instead, they run buses in the afternoon, which is what i take now. So i don't see the couple anymore.
The other day when i was shopping at our local Costco, i saw this guy who looked very familiar, shopping in the grocer section just like me. I had to think very hard and it wasn't until i was done shopping was i able to remember that it was the man who pushes his partner to the GO everyday. I was so amazed by what this man does, he has to do grocery shopping too! Does he do all the house chores at home, including cooking?! No matter he was a man or woman, being there for their partner during tough times is the most valuable gift that someone could ever give. All i could think of when i remembered the guy, was how happy they were everyday when he was pushing the woman, helping her onto the train. They were always laughing. That is a great lesson that many of us have to learn. Thriving under extreme hardship.... That is when true love shows its potential.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


so we finally went to eat Korean kimchi tofu hotpot today. it was great. i'm totally addicted to it now. ming went with me despite his sickness/cold/?fever/lethargy. and for the first time in history, he ordered his dish "mild" while i ordered it "medium" spicy!!! i am building up my spicy tolerance real good these days. i love kimchi! there must be something happening to my body lately that i've been craving for kimchi so much. my body goes through some food craving phases sometimes. i still remember there was once that i was craving for ceasar salad and i had it for like 7 days straight or something. i either bought it from Kelsie's take out, or ate it at the hospital's cafeteria, or bought some to make it at home. that was one weird food craving episode. now that i am craving for kimchi and on our way home from the restaurant, there happened to be a little korean grocery store right beside it (how convenient), we bought a container of kimchi, i'll be eating it so much from now on. let's see how long this kimchi phase lasts.

Friday, October 05, 2007

今天突然很想吃韓國泡菜豆腐鍋... 在Toronto downtown有一家很好吃的正統韓國料理, 整家餐廳只有10樣菜, 泡菜豆腐鍋就是其中一樣 (有6樣都是豆腐鍋, 只是不同口味而已). 不過每次都要開好遠去吃真煩. 而且某人又很晚回來...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I've consumed a lot of my time on facebook lately, so kinda given up on blogging already. The new feature that i added to my facebook is the fluff friend thingy. If you have time, go pet my panda. ;)