Friday, October 24, 2008


It is disheartening when you used to like someone, but later found out some things about that person, and totally changed your view towards that person.

If someone applies for a position that is supposed to be a supportive towards your colleagues, then why doesn't that person support?

Sometimes people get in the mode of thinking you are now the boss and feeling all high and mighty, and forget about your own place.  I hate hypocrites.... Absolutely hate it.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Stephanie is asking "what's the meaning of life?"  
I often wonder the same too.
What is the purpose of living?  What are we working so hard for?  

Last night I dreamed that Jay was my boyfriend (oops, ming's gonna kill me), but he cheated on me, and I was so sad...  I was telling a friend that what's the point of staying with one guy who has a history of cheating, and repeats it again?  Hahaha... Men are bad animals on this planet.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


自從家裡裝了衛星, 我以經看了好幾部電影。 發現其實我還滿愛看電影的。 但我只喜歡在家裡看, 不喜歡去電影院。 
昨天看了Sex and the City Movie,surprisingly 還滿感人的。。。 
之前還看了P.S. I Love You, 覺得那是近幾年來最感人的電影。 強力推薦。:)

Been busy at work lately as well.  I now realize the difficulty of ming's job.  Being a teacher is not easy.  Having patience is a must... Whether i have enough patience is yet to be determined.  But i really enjoy the challenges and see how the students are improving every day (well, at least most of them are).

Maybe because i've been working more, i'm always tired, sleep for a long time now.  Can't wait till X'mas now.  But i don't like x'mas, coz it makes me think about family and how i'm not around them.  So maybe i don't want x'mas to come.  X'mas also mean the end of a year, so i hate that feeling too.  That means another year has passed and i've still not accomplished anything.... Also means i'm getting old.  Boo x'mas, booo.....