Monday, March 24, 2008

Got these yummy goodies from mr. wei today. so happy. Thanks Nica! hahaha...

got some hotpot tofu

some delicate treats

and some pretty sweets

Saturday, March 22, 2008

good luck to taiwan in the next 4 years.

Bush Congratulates Ma:
"I congratulate the people of Taiwan on the successful conclusion of their March 22 presidential election. Once again, Taiwan has demonstrated the strength and vitality of its democracy. I also congratulate Mr. Ma Ying-jeou on his victory. Taiwan is a beacon of democracy to Asia and the world. I am confident that the election and the democratic process it represents will advance Taiwan as a prosperous, secure, and well-governed society. It falls to Taiwan and Beijing to build the essential foundations for peace and stability by pursuing dialogue through all available means and refraining from unilateral steps that would alter the cross-Strait situation. I believe the election provides a fresh opportunity for both sides to reach out and engage one another in peacefully resolving their differences.The maintenance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and the welfare of the people on Taiwan remain of profound importance to the United States. We will continue to maintain close unofficial ties with the people on Taiwan through the American Institute in Taiwan in accordance with our long standing one China policy, our three Joint Communiqués with the People's Republic of China, and the Taiwan Relations Act."
And I agree with him with the ONE China policy. Yes, China is one, and Taiwan is another one. So there's no conflict there.
臺灣人民快點醒醒吧。Do you really want to be called "China" or "China's little pet" (AKA HK and possibly future Tibet) instead of Taiwan?
If it's all for the economic prosperity, and we bow down to the ruling of China, doesn't that make us 現實的人?
But maybe I cannot say anything about that, because there's probably lots of ppl in taiwan who suffer from poverty and really wish for a better economy or a better life.
我不是在選黨,我是在選一個理念。如國今天馬可以把臺灣經濟搞好,只要不出買臺灣,不管誰當總統我都沒差。Just don't give me the BS that confuses people of taiwan. state what he wants to do. if he says what he truly believes, then he's probably not the winner today. He will sell out, let's just wait and see. And PLEASE, stop all the naked outtings, ok!!!
you can disagree with me if you want, but i think 公投has totally lost its meaning, it has become a political tactic for the two parties. i thought it was totally pointless asking this kinda question when people only know who they want to vote for and not really what they want for taiwan. so might as well stop doing it in the future. taiwan is not ready for this kinda democratic gesture.

Friday, March 21, 2008

apple is propaganda

whatever song that makes it to become an apple commercial song seems to become big later on.
for example, Feist's 1234, and now Yael Naim's new soul.
the apple commercial song that was playing constantly at the fashion mall in LV still rings in my ear from time to time.
and when i said constantly, i mean "constantly." the whole time we were in LV, we probably passed by it dozen of times, coz it's right across from our hotel and we would go there to shop and eat. ahhh... good times. and outside the mall, there was this huge TV or a projection TV that was playing an itune or ipod commercial constantly! it never played anything else but that one commercial. kinda a surreal experience, coz every time i think of that mall, i think of that song.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I think I have officially become ridiculous ~

I've been playing the fluffbook these few days.
addicted to the fluffrace thing. it's something that a 宅女 would do!!!
it's like gambling!!!
and so far i've lost a lot of "mummies"
i shall never go gambling...
coz i can very easily lose all my money.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

kicked ming's butt!

score was 250 vs 100 or something, wahahaha...
i love it when ming is off from school.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hate seeing the dentist, or the endodontist!

Went to get some dental surgery done yesterday.
The whole procedure took less than 30 min.
The fee=$1500.
That makes this endodontist's hourly rate=$3000.

He just went in there and dig... holy ouchy...
When the anaesthetics were injected into my gums, my heart was beating at 200/minute and I thought I was gonna pass out.
My right cheek is swollen like I am holding a piece of egg in there.
But I guess it's understandable since I have 6 freaking stitches in there....!!!
And my pee smells like penicillin coz that's what I'm taking to prevent infections.

I think the year of 29 has started to do its tricks on me...

Monday, March 10, 2008

No money no mini

I "sort of" organized my closet again! and i realized something... I have too much clothes that I don't get to wear often, coz I don't go out often.
Conclusion: I need to go out more!

Went to check out new Mini's today. No money sucks.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

those with kids or will have kids will appreciate help like this --

the GO bus driver was so cute today.
a passenger was travelling with a baby. he was by himself and carring a baby's stroller. before he got onto the bus he needed the driver's help to put the stroller in the under-compartment. when he arrived at his destination, he carried the baby down, and the bus driver went down as well to open the compartment and dragged the stroller out. when the dad was trying to work the stroller in order to open it, he was having difficulty doing it since he was carrying his baby in one hand. so the bus driver offered to carry the baby for the dad, which he did, he took the baby from the dad's hand and held the baby like he's very experienced. he must have kids himself too. the dad was very appreciative and smiling. it was such a cute scene. i laughed when i saw them,it was one of those "warm fuzzy" moments in life.