Saturday, December 26, 2009

end of the year

It's boxing day but Ming & I are staying home today.  Well, he went out this morning and came home with a GPS.  I stayed home mostly because I am sick, plus I don't feel like going to the malls to deal with the crowd.  After all, there is really nothing that i want to buy... unless LV or Gucci go on sale, then I may consider it. 

This cold that I have is really something, keeping me home and not spending money?! What a powerful bug.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

maybe this is the way for ming to lose some weight

So ming and i had a bet: he said he would finish painting the "baby room" within 5 days after he goes on x'mas vacation or he will never have a sip of beer ever again.  After deducting days that we needed to do errands, such as decor meeting, lunch/dinner with friends, we've come up with the date December 26th.  Good luck ming~

Saturday, December 19, 2009

pregnancy thoughts

My prego belly looks very different from all the prego women that i've seen.  I feel like i am carrying a 輪胎 around my waist, but i think that's coz K (short for Caleb) is lying side ways.  i think he's gonna be tall, coz my "tire" is really wide.

When i found out that i was pregnant, i told myself that i was only going to gain 22lbs.  Well, i'm there already, damn it.  Don't even know how that happened.

We bought our car seat today (it was on sale); also bought some silicone baby bottles that are made in Taiwan, cool eh?!  Well, they were on sale and they were pretty. :P

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Thank you, to the guy lining up behind me

I did something sort of embarrassing tonight....
I remember two years ago, on our Jack+Ming wedding bus tour to Kingston, we stopped at Wendy's for lunch.  Nica had ordered potatoes with chives and sour cream while everyone got fries.  That was the first time that i knew that Wendy's had such thing.  Last night, I had to get my own dinner and i didn't want to drive far or wait a long time for it, and instead of going to MacDonald, which we always go, i decided to go to Wendy's.  It's not that far from our home anyways.  So I thought about the potatoes, and I ordered it.  I absolutely loved it... I peeled off every single part of that potatoes to get the last bit of it.
Tonight, i needed to get dinner again for myself, so i decided to go back again.  I ordered the exact same thing, delux cheeseburger and the potatoes with chives and sour cream.  But then after the cashier took my money, gave me my burger, she told me "we don't have potatoes anymore."  I almost wanted to kill her.... I told her, "I came here for the potatoes!!!" She smiled and said nothing.  I said "if you had told me that you didn't have it, i would have just left!"  Then the manager came, i told her what happened, so she gave me a rain cheque for the potatoes.  I told her "i'm sorry, but i'm pregnant" and she said she understands.
The father ordering behind me told me "it was February, my wife was pregnant and she wanted watermelon.  We drove around town looking for watermelon, found it and bought it even though it was $15.  So i understand where you're coming from, and i sympathize you."
THANK YOU SIR!!! Thank you for not making me feel bad for holding up the line and asking for a potato.  Thank you.  You're a good man for driving around town paying $15 for watermelon for your pregnant wife.  There is still good people in this world.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Can this baby

in my tummy smell anything right now?
I had bought something to eat for dinner this afternoon, I thought I wasn't hungry, until I started driving away and smelled the food~~
Then the baby started kicking.  He usually kicks right before I start to feel hungry, letting me know that it's time to feed him.
That's why I wonder if he can smell at this point.

Is it still safe to fly at this point? Perhaps not....