Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My first Nike watch ^^

Something is wrong with the blogger tonight, so I am going to write this again.
Last night ming and I went crazy at the Nike employee store. Ming got this invitation from work, so it was a pretty rare event for us. Therefore we just bought so much. Well, actually i bought more!!! Can you believe that, me, spent more money than ming at a Nike store...
My proudest 戰利品 was this watch-

This watch probably costs 1/100 of ft's P watch, but i absolutely love it. It has a 24hr clock setting, which is so cool. Maybe i'm just very outdated.



Saturday, September 23, 2006

How cute!!!

Shoe talk

This blogger is in response to Lance's yesterday entry.
Here i want to talk about "CROCS." I first knew about Crocs during one day at work. Our hospital was selling them at the atrium, and they had tons of them. I was originally looking for a new pair of sneakers (for work walking), and they are usually priced at >$150. So while i saw Crocs, i thought, "hey, why not give them a try, since they are only $35". So i got a pair! They are awesome!!! Ever since then, i wear it to work all the time, or if i just want to go in/out of the house, Crocs is the best choice! You can wear them in the sand and then just spray them afterwards to have them cleaned; good for gardening and beach activities. They have holes all around that prevents smelly feet. The thing that impresses me the most is even after 12 hours of walking/standing, my feet still feel great (well, my legs will feel tired nonetheless even wearing sneakers), but because crocs are so light, i am not dragging weights (sneakers do feel like weights after 6 hours), so it is less work out for me. I love them so much that i mailed my parents each pair! (they finally got them afte over a month), and i also bought ming a pair. I know that a lot of teenage girls are wearing crocs now coz they are "in" but seriously, they are the most comfortable shoes that i've ever owned. Now, i don't know if it helps to support your spine or anything, all i know is, after 12 hours of being on my feet, i really can't complain about them. Mine is coulor purple and i think it is the best colour.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Taiwan's media is so screwed up

I haven't written blogs for a while now, so i am going to 寫個夠.
Taiwan's media is so screwed up. This is the heading of a news on Apple Daily:
But here is what's in the article:
Isn't that title misleading?! Well, i find it misleading. Plus, 李遠哲 probably didn't use this exact wording "拉下台."
I think 李遠哲 is very right. You cannot ask someone to be prosecuted without letting this person to go through a trial. Afterall, it is a law-obeying country. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I am not saying that the president is not guilty, but there's gotta be a lawful way to deal with this, instead of rallying naive don't know better tends to follow taiwanese crowd to congregate. It is a waste of government and public's resources. It is hard to be just when the whole media is biased. Therefore, an innocent person may be protrait as guilty, or a guilty person may be seen as innocent. Taiwanese media is screwed up.


If you have read ming's blogger, then you may know that we went to see a baseball game on Tuesday night. It was the Jays against Yankees. Due to stupid roation problem, we didn't get to see Wang. However, because the Yanks won, they all came out to the field to hi-five everyone, so i saw a glimpse of Wang. He was tall, hair was long (i don't know how he gets away from it), and looked really poised. You ask how i could tell all that from sitting far away? I can only say that 'i have good eye sight and 6th sense.'(and plus he uses LV too) ;)
This was on the Apple Daily news:

I think there was a lot of people who went because they like Wang, not because they like baseball. Just like a lot of taiwanese ppl now, who never used to like baseball, but because of Wang, they start to be interested in it. I call these people "fake sports fans." ~.<

Another long week~

Another week as passed (because today was my last class of the week. well, i have another class tomorrow morning, but it is non-credit, so i don't really count that as a real course). It was kinda a crazy week. A lot has happened during last week. I almost thought i would never return to a peaceful life anymore. The hectic construction is still going on tho, but at least we are getting closer now. The new carpet is in and it is looking fab!
I am slowly getting used to the commute by public transit. But as the weather starts to get colder, I am leaning more towards driving. When i finish my ride tickets, maybe i will start driving. This morning a lady got onto the bus, paid the driver, then the driver said to her "lady you are one cent short." I couldn't believe it when i heard it. The lady was very polite and said "oh, sorry," then she digged into her wallet and pulled out ten cents and said "here, and don't worry it (the change)." But the driver insisted on giving her change back. What a stupid driver! I still said thank you to her when i got off the bus tho.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


剛剛收到了一個壞消息,那就是...I HAVE TO WORK ON MONDAY!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh..... Ohhhhh...... :...(

Thursday, September 14, 2006

our contractor is in big trouble. he's gonna get it from ming (more like from me but lucky for him i won't be here tomolo)

And again, I hate commuting. Today the train that i was catching was slowing leaving in front of my eyes.... So i had to wait for the next one, which was 30min after. If i had ran just a little bit faster, and i shouldn't have used the escalator, should have used the stairs, then maybe, maybe i could have caught the train.

I am going to drive to classes from now on. Coz i've calculated it, it actually costs the same amount of money for me to take public transit and to drive (includes gas money). Therefore, I am going to drive now! Sorry air.

Today our reno guys created a huuuuuuuuge problem. Ming and I are F*cking pissed!!!!! So pissed..... but i gotta sleep right now, coz i have to wake up early tomorrow....

What a scary and sad news...

I can't believe what happaned in Montreal today. This world is becoming colder and colder. While i was reading the news from different sources, each on says different things. I was wondering how the guy could fired over 20 shots? What kinda gun did he have? If he had a small one, did he like switched to new bullets in between shots or something? Or did he have a big one that allowed him to shoot continuously? If that was the case, that would be freaking scary... how do people get their hands on these weapons? This was such a shocking and sad news, coz this could happen anywhere! On any campus! I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the news. God bless those who were at the scence and especially those who are still in the hospital.

reno biz again...

We have been eating out almost every meal now. Even if we eat at home, it would be take out or left over take out food. This actually gets me out of "cooking duties" and it is A OKAY! I don't want to cook when there's constructors at the house and i wanna wait till everything is finished so i will have a clean kitchen again. Our kitchen has been covered under a pile of 灰, which is from all the sanding down of the ceiling. I wipe and the next day the same thing happens again. When this whole reno is over, i will have to wipe down the entire kitchen. A good friend of ours is having house reno too and we will be helping him out with his painting this weekend. Kinda look forward to it. I bet there will be cleaning that needs to be done as well. Don't know why i am always willing to help out other people with their house jobs but when it comes to my own, i just feel "tired." Hopefully the house will be ready (at least 80% ready) when ming's cousin comes. I would hate to show a newcomer a filthy house. Ahy, lots of work to do but i am too lazy to move....
ming says "i will help you clean! yeah right"

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Winner's, you should go!

The other day i found this piece of bathroom accessory that fits perfectly with our new bathroom. I found it at winner's. If anyone happen to go to winner's and see any of this line of bath accessory, please buy them for me, as i need more. I bought a toothbrush holder, it is a rounded ceramic, it has a dark wooden colour bottom (actual wood) and horizontal lines of mixture of blue, green, and yellow i think. It is a line called H2O trends. If you see any more of these, let me know!!! Maybe i should just take a picture of my piece and post it here.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

First day of class...pwhhh....

So today was my very first day of class towards my degree. While i was walking on U of T campus, i thought "hey, i fit right in!" even though i may be 10 years older than a lot of kids there, but i dress just like them (does that mean i should dress more like my age?). It is a big campus, U of T. I think i did a lot of walking while i was at Queen's, but Toronto is HUGE. Maybe it's because i haven't done a lot of 'intense' walking for so long, today's walk seemed so tiring. (then i thought, why am i doing this again?) Remember those "quick walks" that we used to do in between those 8:20-8:30, or 9:20-9:30, etc? I wasn't in a rush at all, but i just thought i should be walking fast coz i was "going to class," funny eh? Today's class was bigger than my whole undergrad class back at queen's! And that was not even the entire 1st year grad students! Toronto is big. So today i became one of those 'scary' train/subway riders because i was 'kinda' (only kinda) running too. But i have to say, i hate commuting, and i hate union station.

Monday, September 11, 2006

sleep~time management

It is now 1:48am and i am doing absolutely nothing. I am just browsing the net and going over and over the bloggers of my friends to see if anything new has come up. Why don't i go to bed? That is a question that i ask myself as well. I gotta quit this latenight wasting time habit. It's time to get myself into regular routines since i am a student now.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ming's 29th Birthday

Today was ming's birthday. We went to this Japanese restaurant recommanded by our friend Steven. The food was great. Ming was happy. The Spicy Tuna Roll and their Tamago sushi was the best i've had so far in Toronto. Then we had their homemade Mandarin Pie, it was great too. Also recommanded by Steven, but he made it once for us and i thought his was just as good as the restaurant's. There was a lot of Japanese customers at that place, so we thought of our other friend Greg, who's also a Japanese (but speaks no Japanese). Then on our way out, we saw Uncle George! Who is Greg's uncle! What a coincidence!!! Please view more photos on my msn space.

Yesterday we also celebrated ming's birthday at Egg/Dumas' place. Lucky ming got a toy bike and a scatch book (and a cake!). We have nice friends.

Friday, September 08, 2006

The nightmare continues...

So what happened today?! I was getting evicted out of the bedroom and out of the bathroom/shower that we have been relying on for the past 3 weeks, even though the newly renovated bathroom was not 100% finished yet...
I am so frustrated with this whole reno, today i couldn't even use the bathroom at all (coz the new one was not finished and the window had no curtain on, they rushed me out of the master bedroom's bathroom, and the powder room is now the constructors' outlet). So i said to myself that i should use the bathroom when i go out, since i had some errands that needed to be done. But guess what, i forgot to go while i was outside! I only remembered it after i had returned home.... so i had to use the disgusting powder room. I can't believe that i have to squat to pee in my own home... >.<
So what have i been doing? I've been cleaning everyday, and they just come in and mess it up again. This routine has gone on for weeks now. Tonight i had to clean the small bathroom, since it is the only usable one now. But what's the point, they are going to mess it up again when fixing more stuff! (the light above the sink is totally off to the side, the tile still needs to be fixed, there's more painting to do, and the shower doors have yet to come). On a side note, the new toilet that we got, is incredible. :P
Negotiation is a very tiring thing. Making decisions is also very stressful. And since I am home more than ming, the contractor has been pulling me here and there to ask me questions. Very tiring...
Now we have pot lights in the house. The very first 4 pot lights of the house and they are in the kitchen. However, they are not bright enough!
The new bath vanity stand for the master bathroom finally arrived today. But they drilled the hole wrong on the sink top! So the top went back again...
Ahy, what else can go wrong with this on-going nightmare.....

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I hate reno....

Ok, so when you watch all those TV home make over shows and so many things go wrong and you wonder if it's all an act? Not true... I've had and still have first hand experience in home reno frenzy, so i believe anything is possible...
* In the midst of budgeting, our basement started to leak... that ended up costing $700 extra.
* They dumped a garbage dumpster on our drive way, forgot to move my car, so it is now forever trapped in there, and it is now full of dust since they are doing work in the garage (like cutting wood or tiles).
* The shower faucet system had missing part, ming had a fight with the home depot ppl whire returning it, got really mad and got a speeding ticket on his way home.
* The shower system is now installed, i just realized that the shower head is an entirely different one from what it's supposed to be (and i only realized this coz i took a 2nd look of our system at the home depot today and thought "hey, that looks different from ours at home!")
* The standing shower tiles were put on unevenly and unleveled, we let it go, then one of the floor tile is unleveled too! Mind you we only have what, 9 tiles in the entire bathroom floor coz they are big tiles.
* Ikea screwed up, so after visiting Ikea in Vaughan (which is >30min drive) over 5 times, we had to drive all the way to Ikea in Etobicoke (another way 30min drive as well) to find the product that we want.
* The bathstand that we got did not fit with our water pipes, so they had to cut it, make some changes to it.
* Spent another extra $300 for a ceiling vent that wasn't part of the plan.
* They painted the whole family room in one colour! When we had asked them to paint the lower part (below the trim) white!
* The new windows have not arrived yet.
* The new carpet has not arrived yet.
* The new bathroom vanity stand was supposed to come yesterday, but neither ming or i were home to pay the company.
* The guy walked into the bedroom while i was still asleep!
* They started taking out the lights in the kitchen while everything was still on the counter. So i had to clean off everything and remove everything.
* The house is in a constant mess/dirtiness. We had to move everything out of the small bathroom, family room, master bedroom, now the kitchen. Things are just being moved around.
* Tons of communication problems with the contractor, regarding what was said and what was not said... i hate it.
I hate reno, i hate having to stay home when there are strangers in the house, and i hate to make decisions regarding the reno all by myself.... please don't let me make any decisions, ming.... >.<

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Driving is still better~

I had my first ever GO Train ride today. I must say, it was a horrible experience. I am not like ming, i did not enjoy the train ride at all. The whole ride was so slow that made me very sleepy. I am a very impatient person, so if i see that the train is going at 5km/hr, it drives me mad. The morning ride was not as bad as the afternoon one. I saw lots of happenings, a guy got busted for not having a valid ticket, the guy sitting beside me helped terminated a bee for us 3 girls sitting there, and the transit system was really crazily busy in the morning. Then in the afternoon, because i missed the last bus leaving town, i had to wait almost an hour for the next one, which was a train. While i was waiting in the station, sitting there reading a magazine, there were so many people rushing through beside me, people were running, puching in their tickets, dragging their suitcases on wheels, it was just a feeling that i did not like. Have i become a country person? I don't think so, i am just too attached to my car...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

There's ur Super Mario DS >.<

I haven't written a blog for a few days now. Don't really know what to write anymore these days.... Until this happened!
Ming has been bogging me to recover his Super Mario DS game, he claimed that "I" lost it. This happened since MaMaMing was here. The truth is, when he asked me about it, I truly didn't know where it was coz I could not recall the last time that I have seen it. I knew that it was not me who lost it, however, I did not want to say anything in front of MaMaMing, since I was not 100% sure of it myself and I didn't want to argue with him in front of his mama. But seriously, did he have to harrass me like that? He 宰贓 on me and used not very nice tone either, almost everyday! So guess what happened today?! He found the game himself!!! Holy Sh*t!!! For all these times he claimed that I was the one who lost it, when it was simply HIMSELF who put it away and could not remember that he's done so!!! Like what he always dose!!! Of course he was sorry and embarrassed. Ming ming ming... next time don't blame me for losing your stuff, coz most likely it would have been yourself, who put it away, since I really don't organize our home. :P