Wednesday, May 21, 2008

前天去T﹠T買了一包米。價錢旁邊還擺了一個牌子說一人只能買兩包米 好像跟現在缺食糧有關。結果回到家的時候當銘把米抬起來的時,整包米的袋子破掉,7/8(according to ming) 全部撒到車裡和地上。 我們花了好久的時間把米scoop起來,今天我花了更久把米很仔細的filter過。Ahy... 真是的,浪廢時間。

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Trying to get out of the depressed mode.  So i've been thinking about where to go for honeymoon part II. I don't know why, i've always wanted to go back to Holland. Don't know anything about the country, and i went when i was very young, so i want to see it again.

I've been busy lately.  Worked quite a few days, and went to hot yoga twice with some friends.  I think i go more for the company than going to exercise.  But if it can get me to exercise, and socialize at the same time, then i think it's a good thing.

The long weekend is coming up.  Ming and i don't really have any plans.  So some friends have proposed going to the niagara for wine tasting.  Again, i will go for the company, not because i like wine.  anyways, looking forward to it loh.

Ming went to see the doc today.  He may have carpal tunnel (don't even know how to spell it).  ahy.... we are getting old.

Thursday, May 08, 2008