Tuesday, May 26, 2009

肚子痛了兩個禮拜, 今天終於決定來煮個稀飯來吃, 也買了麵筋和醬瓜, 可是偏偏要吃的時候卻打不開罐頭。。。 god damn it....

Since ming and I are starting to have a more steady income (我終於長大了), we have decided to try to put our money into good use, instead of buying useless junk to fill up this big house.  With ming's parents help, we are in the process of looking for a property investment.  We thought that the housing market is in a slump right now, condos should be a good place to invest since we do not have lots of money to spare. Boy were we wrong.... The condos are still on a rise, and we already tried to put in two offers that both got shut down.  Now we have to keep looking... I hate house hunting, it's time consuming and tiring....  wish us luck.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Bitch and good man

I am telling two stories here.
First: Today after my train ride, I got into ming's 4Runner at the parking lot, this fat bitch who parked beside me got into her car after me.  Then I heard a bump... first I was like, what was that, I know it came from the passenger side's door, so I know it was her who bumped her door into my door.  I looked at her, she had no remorse whatsoever, so i mouthed to her "you hit my car!" And guess what she did, she gave me the look and mouthed something like "So what? what's the big deal!" and drove away!!! What a BITCH! It wasn't like I was gonna sue her or anything, at least apologize and say oh, it didn't leave a mark (I went down to take a look, there was a scratch but I think it is removable).  She was so fat that she couldn't get into the car and needed a bigger space to get into her car.  Therefore she should have 1. not drive, walk home or 2. wait till I left and get into her car or 3. be more careful!!! Why are there such insensitive, impolite people in this world?! I memorized her orange ?mazda license plate number just in case BEHM556- don't let me see you at the station another day, I will definitely kick your fat ass.

Second, the good man story: Our garbage pick up professionals are very good people.  They have on several occasions helped us a lot.  They answer our (more like chatty ming's) questions, and they would always (well, most of them are good) stack our recycling bins and green bin together afterwards.  This morning it was a nasty scene at the front lawn as I was leaving the house for work.  The raccoons had gotten the green bin; they pushed it down and managed to unlock the green bin.  They digged into the food waste and made a nasty gross crime scene.  When I got home, (while still being so mad about that fat BITCH) I was thinking: now I have to go home to clean up the mess, but surprisingly the spot where the mess was had been cleaned up! That means the garbage man picked up the broken bag with all the food leaking out!  I am so grateful.  Perhaps I should write the waste management people a nice letter telling them what a good job they've done.

Monday, May 04, 2009

I am browsing through the A&F website and I notice something really bizarre. 
What's the use of a coat that has a hoodie, but sleeveless?  
Fashion, fashion... something I will never get.